Sunday, December 19, 2010


This is a story that I wrote last year for Christmas! I wrote it for my pre-schoolers and I hope you all enjoy it again this year :)

The story of Pip-squeak

At the North Pole there are many elves. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are all small, but none of them were as small as pip-squeak. Pip squeak was no bigger then from my elbow to the tip of my fingers. a little over a foot at most. He tried and tried to be a good elf, but he never felt good enough. He never felt big enough.

When all the orders came in for presents, Pip-squeak noticed that everyone wanted big presents. Scooters, and bikes. Sleds and computers. Those were big presents for bigger elves, not for little old pip-squeak. Pip decided then and there that he was going to run away. Far-far away from the North Pole. Maybe somewhere tropical like Hawaii.

Pip packed his bags, and put on his warmest sweater. Just as he was leaving, a big snow storm hit. It was blowing and snowing so hard that Pip couldn't see anything. Just as he was about to start crying Pip ran right smack into something. It was a boot. A black shiny boot. SANTAS BOOT! Santa bent down and picked little Pip-Squeak up in his gloved hand. He smiled a BIG smile, for Santa always thought that Pip-Squeak was a mighty-fine elf. A little small, but a very hard worker.

Pip-squeak looked at Santa and started crying:

"Ohhh Santa!" Cried Pip before bursting into little sobs.

"What is the matter, my friend." Asked Santa calmly.

"I'm too small for the North Pole. I'm too small to make presents. I think i'll just run away!"

"Ohh I see." said Santa. He thought for a minute scratching is very long beard. "I think I have an idea."

"Whats that?" Asked Pip curiously.

"I think I have just the job for you. There are only a few months before Christmas, you stay around the North Pole until Christmas and give it a try. If you don't like it, or you're not good at it, then I will take you anywhere in the world in my sleigh."

"Anywhere? Even Hawaii?" Pip asked

"Even Hawaii" Said Santa. Chuckling at the thought of a little elf in Hawaii.

So off they went to Pip's new job. Santa brought Pip to a large room full of little houses. Small houses that were just the right size for Pip. Doll houses! Santa showed Pip all the paint brushes, paints, and saws. All of them were just Pip's size!

Pip got started right away. He painted the walls, he put carpet on the floors, hung curtains, and made furniture. He decorated each little doll house with tender care. Elves came from all around the North Pole to admire his work. All of them looked at wonder at the little details on each piece.

"Only little hands could paint those!" said a big round elf.

"Look at the little stiches on the couch!" Cried another.

"I can't believe how perfect the colors are!" Said Mrs. Clause!

Pip-squeak beamed with pride, but kept right on working. He worked and he worked. He worked right up until the big day. While finishing the last stitch on a checkered table cloth, Pip felt a shake. It felt like a earth quake, but as fast as it started it stopped.

"Perfect!" exclaimed Pip as he looked around. "This is going to make some little girl VERY happy!" Then he started for the door to let Santa know, but when he opened the door, he realized he was no longer in the work shop. In fact he was outside. When he climbed his way out, he noticed he was way high up in the air. He let out a little shriek.

Santa turned around startled!

"Oh my!" Said Santa "What are you doing up here?"

"I didn't mean to! I was busy..and then..I'm so sorry!" Pip said, feeling like a horrible elf again.

"Ohh don't you worry Pip. We are too far to turn around now, you'll just have to come with me on all the delivers. "

Pip smiled, and so did Santa. Off they went on their adventure. Stopping and dropping off each present for each little boy and girl. The sun was almost coming up when they made their last stop. Santa got out of the sleigh. He looked around. He looked up, and then down. Finally he noticed a little small door. Too small for Santa. It was a house. A house for a mouse. It was then that Santa realized that this was another job for Pip. He went back to the sleigh and got Pip. He gave him a little hat, and a little coat. Little boots, and a little bag full of presents. Pip went down the little chimney and put the little presents in front of the little tree. He went back up the chimney and back to the sleigh. Pip did it again!

Just as they were crossing over Hawaii, Santa asked Pip if he wanted him to stop. Pip shook his head, and smiled at Santa. He knew that the North Pole was definitely where he belongs. Every Christmas since Pip has rode right next to Santa, and delivered the presents to all the littlest creatures all over the world. He may not be the biggest elf at the North Pole, but he certainly has the biggest heart!

The End!!


Rebecca said...

great story i read it to my son he likes it. thank you

Rebekah said...

This is too cute!

Rebekah said...
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Megan Ashley said...

So cute, love it!

Aubrey S. said...

That's a wonderful story. I would love to see it illustrated.

Lori said...

This is a great story need to read this to the kids again!

Jessica said...

Such a cute story! :)

Blogs said...

awww...i'll have to read this to the girls:) happy holidays love bug!"_