Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Aidyn says...

Aidyn is a lover of the man in red.

In fact for three straight years he took perfect "Santa pics" with little to no coaxing.

Check it out:

(This years to come, once I get our scanner to work!)

This year his father and I took him to MOA to see Santa. He looked ridiculously authentic! Aidyn was super well behaved, and although the picture turned out a little less then perfect, the overall experience was fantastic.

Yesterday we had plans to go see Santa again with my niece and nephew. They have yet to see the big man this year, so the whole house was excited!

Then typical to Minnesota winters, it started to snow.


Schools closed, parts of the interstate were shut down along with our plans to go see Santa!


Do not fear, we thought fast!

We called up my father and asked him to call the kids as Santa Clause!

My dad is a big burly man, and his voice was perfect!

First he talked to my nephew, who listened with wide eyes and a huge smile! He promised to be good and asked for a tractor.

Then it was Aidyns turn...

"Hi Santa!!"

(slight pause for Santa to reply...)
"You know what Santa?"

(Another pause..)

"Me and my mom are having some problems!"


Could you imagine if he would have said that to a "Mall Santa" ?!

I just about died!

To top it off he asked Santa for a real live Reindeer!

The tone of his voice and the seriousness on his face had us all doubled over with laughter!

I can promise you all, I was thanking God that the roads were bad and we were unable to make it to that mall!

Although, I'd really like to have see the Mall's Santa respond to THAT one!

p.s. When asked why we were having "problems" he responded: "Well I wasn't being a good listener!" He DIDN'T mention that one to Santa!!


Danielle Leal said...

Omgosh! Great job at thinking fast! I bet the kids were talking about Santa all day after that.
My little terror is afraid of Santa and only likes to watch him from a distance, but she is all about Santa bringing her toys. Go figure! hahaha.
I can't wait to see Aidyn's picture with Santa!

ag. said...

How adorable! Kids really do say the funniest things! He looks so cute in his Santa photos!

Nicole said...

hahahaha cute!

I'm surprised that they shut down the interstate. My friend who is from MN (she was born there and lived for a long time) said that school was never closed there....

Rebekah said...

I can't wait to see this year's picture with Santa! He looks so cute in all the pictures.

I'm DYING over what he said! Haha, I can only imagine if he had said that in the mall. Beyond funny.

Annie said...

love all the pictures!!! i can't believe he was never scared of santa!! and so cute that you thought to call your dad to be santa, so much fun :)

and the crazy weather we had yesterday, BANANAS!! i left work at 3:40 and made it home at 6:15....the commute just stunk!

asj said...

so cute!

Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

Having your dad call as Santa=pure genius! Great idea! :)

Be careful in that crazy MN snow - I've been watching it on the Weather Channel (yup, sort of addicted - weird, I know, i've always loved WTC since i was a kiddo).

Starting Jan. 1st, i'll leave Grad Student's Wife behind and start posting at http://www.aprofessorswife.com - go ahead, head over, and start following! I don't wanna lose ya, girl! :D

I hope you and your fam have a beautiful, merry, white Christmas :)

Elizabeth said...

I love your card!!

Mireya said...

How cute!

Slyde said...

i havent taken my son to see santa in a few years now. he just never seems to really want to go..

Rachel said...

He is too cute!!! I love it!!


Jacquelyn Rich said...

you know what jackie says....
start writing more blogs again

i love aidyn

Katie said...

omgosh how funny, kids say the funniest things!! I love the Santa pictures. Your son is adorable!