Wednesday, July 14, 2010


AHHH its a crazy-crazy day. I was supposed to do My "Dear FH" post.. but my mind is blank! I have a million things to do today. Instead of ranting... I'll give you "the list" :

1. Went to the bank
2. Breakfast with my bestie
3. Library
4. did a vlog

5. Tried to upload it.. (but its too big)
6. Lunch with my aunt

7. Verizon (to get my numbers transfered to my new phone)
8. Turtle races
9. Kiddie parade
10 Kiddie concert

In between all this, it has stormed (including tornado touch downs outside of town!), I've worked on the kids costumes for the parade, and worked on decorating the wagon. I also have a bit of cleaning to do, and laundry.

I am already exhausted and its only 4:00! I think I am going to take a nice long shower and start over, before the rest of the events that are going on tonight! So... that being said, I am going to be missing out on some of your blogs. Leave me a message if I miss anything important!

Have a good Wednesday!


Unknown said...

Sounds like a very busy day indeed! I've thought about vlogging ... maybe once Hub's starts training for his new job in two weeks and I have the house to myself. lmao.

Anonymous said...

Just take a breather! The shower will do you good. That's always where I head when I'm stressed (if that's an option, at work it isn't... LOL) And I didn't know there was a limit to a VLog... I've been playing with the idea of doing one.

Aimee said...

sounds like a very busy day... trying to do too much girky!!

The only thing you missed on my blog is my update on my life. LOL :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Slow down girlfriend.
What do you mean: let me know if I am missing something important?
Do you blog with stuff that is not important??? :)
never. :0

Callie said...

tornado touch downs? that is madness. that would freak me out beyond words.
i did the favourite things post the otehr day, if you're interested. other than that, nada.

V said...

You need a bubble bath and some wine lady! and omg storming?! its 90 degrees here in California.