Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bummed/happy! :)

Things that I am bummed about:

1. I missed making a wish at 11:11 am. I love making wishes.

2. My friend Stephen called to invite me to a Twins game today (extra ticket), but I missed the call. By the time I got back to him he had already found someone else. (boo!)

3. I missed parenthood last night

4. Its cold out.....again!

5. Its going to rain soon...

6. That all my shows are done for the summer.

7. Aidyn has some bumps on his forehead, and i'm not quite sure what they are. Did he eat something bad? Lotion? scratches? acne? ahhh what is it?!

8. Aidyn has been a stinker butt! He keeps getting into the food in the pantry/freezer. Yesterday I caught him and my niece under his blankets trying to eat ice cream bars!

9. Half my flowers got destroyed from a hail storm! (it looked like it snowed!)
10. That Aidyn hasn't been able to wear any of the cute shorts/tops/sandals I bought for him at Gap two weeks ago, because of the weather! They are so cute, and they are just sitting in his drawer all sad!

Things that make me :) :

1. Aidyn calls bumps in the road "bumbles"

2. Aidyn I had a morning alone together. Including: donuts for Aidyn, and doodlebops marathon for the both of us! :)

3. jimmy johns! (i'm obsessed!)

4. We're going to see BD again this weekend. :))))

5. I got supper last night with an adorable Canadian. (who opens my car door, kissed my hand, and makes me feel super special!) It had been far too long since he graced me with his presence!

6. I have the day off. So I'll have time to finish up my cleaning!

7. Less then a month until FL!
and i'm reunited with my FB!
8. That my son woke me up with: "Mommy I gotta tell you sumfin.....(insert my groan here)...I love you!.." :)

9. The Tyra show! (again..obsessed...why?)

10. My mothers day was SO special! All of Aidyns gifts were so sweet, and he picked them all out himself. You can check out all my mothers day pictures here.

What makes you :) happy or bummed :( ? Tell me about it!
Happy Hump day!


Unknown said...

Don't be bummed!!! ;) plus you do have some great happy exciting things going on.... HERE IS TO A GOOD DAY, rain, hail, or snow! Hugs, luvs... and Aidyn will be wearing those cute GAP clothes soon enough. Jenn

He & Me + 3 said...

I liked this post because you ended on good happy things. I love when the kids give things names of their own like Bumps bumbles. cute.
Sorry about the game...that would bum me out too...but on the bright side, there are more games.

Anonymous said...

I love the cute things our kids say and do for us. They are precious!
My shows will be ending!

Shelley said...

I already feel like I know you and Aidyn!! You guys are so cute!

molly said...

i really really like number 8 in happy things. being woken up by someone like that is so cute and groggy it's almost magical!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am happy because I tivo'd Parenthood. (Maybe you can watch it online?)
I am bummed because both my girls have some sort of eye infection. DR!!!!
I hate it when I get bumbles on my face too.

alliehallmarr said...

Such a good happy list! I can't wait until H is old enough to whisper sweet secrets into my ears...

I just made you something in connection with this post and want to get it to you soon (I can go to the PO next Wednesday). Can you e-mail me a shipping address? If this is too creepster for you, I totally understand!

Hope the weather gets better :( I bet those outfits are adorable!!!

Hope your week is going awesome!


Blogs said...

This is why I love you! You talk about the good and the bad and thats perfectly normal!I'd be super bummed too if the weather was bad-just move in with meh! ;) I love how the children say words differently-my brother in law used to say fire fuck...haha;) have a good day sweetie! xoxoxo

AiringMyLaundry said...

Ugh, we got snow too! I was not amused.

I can't Tyra seriously so I can't watch her show. I think it's because I watch The Soup and that show makes fun of her all the time.

Stacey-Lou said...

Aidyn is adorable! I have a little sister about his age, it's great watching them learn and pick things up day to day. For me, my sister makes me happy :) and I'm bummed when I don't get to see her 'cause I'm up at uni :( xx