Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thank you-Thank you-Thank you!!!!

OOO you are all so fabulous and I'd love to have you ALL help out!!! :) Thank you-Thank you-Thank you!!!! :) I am so lucky that I am a part of this community and that you are all willing to help me out! My kids will be THRILLED!

So heres the deal if you could all send your addresses to my email:

I will send you a message when its in the mail. Your package will include the Flat friend along with a letter explaining everything better. It will have a return address so that if you want to mail it back you may do so. If not you can do it the revised blog way I mentioned in the previous post! :)

I hope you have so much fun doing this! Make it a family affair! Make sure to write down all the fun things you do with him, and tell me a little about the state that you are coming from. For instance one of the families talked about the state bird, the Wright brothers, and the state capital. This way they learn while they have fun!

Once again my kid-o's and I thank you! You rock!!!

Ms. Britt! <3


Blogs said...

How fun! The blog is too cute;) and so is that little man!;) Stopping by from 20SB;)

~Tom~ said...

Info emailed to you. I love this idea. Looking forward to helping out.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Okie Dokie!

Elizabeth said...

I emailed you!!! :-)