Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So here is the deal my fine blogging amigos... my class is participating in the flat stanley project. (yay!)

What is the Flat Stanley project you ask? Well you can check it out here! We are doing a pre-school appropriate version. My children were given a white gingerbread man cut out. They colored it however they wanted. Afterwards we took their picture, and once they are printed they will be glued on their flat people. (Aka: Flat Brittany, Flat Aidyn, etc...) Now on to the fun part. Friday they will be mailed out to friends and families all around the U.S. Some will even be mailed to other countries!

We TRIED to do this earlier in the year, but it flopped due to holidays, change in staffing, etc... Yesterday we received back two flat friends along with gifts! One of our friends went to China and the other went to NC. Both included pictures, and one had TONS of souvenirs. The friend who went to NC came back with: a lighthouse figurine, a cookie cutter, a stuffed bird, Tarheel merchandise, a Wrights brothers book, a racecar, etc.... SO COOL! Well this got me, my students, and their parents totally psyched to try again! This time I will be in charge of sending them out, so I'm certain it will get done.

So when I say that the parents are excited I am referring to my INVOLVED parents. Some of my parents... well.. not so much. They can be so pre-occupied that it frustrates me! Since I do not want to make any child feel left out I am asking some of you to be my FLAT STANLEY HOST FAMILIES for my students who have no one to send their friends to! Interested.....?

Wondering whats all involved?

Well since I don't want to trouble you with paying for souvenirs or postage I will modify it for my blogging friends. I will send YOU a friend from Florida. You will then take pictures of yourself, your families, your pets, what have you with the flat friend. Then take pictures of the flat friend in front of popular sites that represent your state. (ie: empire state building, statue of liberty, capital building, Disney world- although it doesn't have to be that impressive...) For example if I received a flat friend I would take him/her to the gator stadium, I would pose with Albert and Alberta, in front of a palm tree...etc.. Anything that represented my town and state. You kinda getting the gist?

Along with that you would just have to type up a little diary of what you did with the flat friend. Just a short little synopsis. Then send me an email or post it to your blog. I'll print off the pics, and the letter and give it to my student. It will then be displayed for my school, and eventually made into a book with all the others! :)

So now that you are all jumping up and down shouting "ME! ME! ME!! I WANT TO! You can just let me know via comments, and I will send you an email and give you more details! This would be a life saver, and my students would REALLY appreciate it!

So now that you know there are sad looking four years involved.. how can you say no?


He & Me + 3 said...

We can do it! Sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

I heart Flat Stanley! I am in!

My email is on my profile.

Busy Bee Suz said...

The girls and I did this last year with a flat girl from CA. I would love to do it..even though I am not that far away. If you still want me (due to my close proximity) just let me know..more than willing to help out.

Mama said...

me me me!


This would be so fun to do with my daughter.

Elizabeth said...

I'm in! Email me details! :-)

Kit Kat said...

If you wouldn't mind some pics from good old MN (and the university of MN, since that is where I spend all my time) Then I am in!

MrsKraft said...

I might be able to get some of my high school kids to participate! I'd love to do this! What an adorable idea!

~Tom~ said...

Sorry, I didnt see this post till today. If you still need volunteers, I would love to help out.

Becky said...

This sounds like so much fun! If you still need volunteers, email me: