Sunday, December 13, 2009

Food for thought.

Yesterday while standing in line at a local department store, a lady turned to me and asked me if I would like a coupon she had cut out. Since it wouldn't save her much, she handed it on to me. I saved a little bit of money, and I was warmed by her generosity. As I was leaving the store the salvation army was out front. I promptly put the money I saved from the coupon into their red bucket. Her act of kindness inspired mine.

Today I followed a link my mom had posted on her facebook. This particular blog post had me teary eye'd from the beginning. It was incredibly thought provoking. It inspired me to start truley "seeing" everyone around me. I want to thank this lady for serving me up some food for thought. I believe this post could inspire the world.

Here is the post: "I see you."

Happy Holidays Bloggers,
Ms Britt


Lori said...

You make me beyond proud. I am blessed. XX

~Tom~ said...
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~Tom~ said...

What a heart touching blog you directed me to. I am glad I read it. I do what I can for people and I never feel it is enough. And yet, that blog made me realize that while maybe I do help, I never really take the time to SEE who it is I am helping. I for one am going to try and do this from now on!

You do not teach just small children. Through your blog you teach the world. I know you have taught me a few things. Thank you and God Bless!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I will go check out the link too. The generosity of strangers (and those we know) is always a "warm-fuzzy" in my book!

Anonymous said...

I visited the blog you directed me to... beautiful and touching post! Thanks for posting the link!

Thank you for visiting my blog and joining my circle of friends. I look forward to getting to know you better. Have a great day!

Riahli said...

What a great post, and thanks for the link...that made me all teary eyed and really got me thinking.

Summer said...

Aweeee, Britt!!!

Okay, going to check that post out now.

Anonymous said...

Sweet you! I have been so behind on comment returns and I am very sorry I did not get back to you sooner! Truly! Please forgive my oversight of the honor you offered me by linking my blog at yours! I am humbled and apprecitive. Thank you!