Tuesday, November 10, 2009

That is NOT okay!"

Picture this:

Seated at a table to our right was a young couple, more then likely in their late twenties. Seated beside them was their young child. She looked to be a little older then one, but not by much. There they are minding their p's and q's munching on some biscuit's. Having a nice meal out.

Seated behind us was a mother with three young children. I'd guess their ages between four and eight. None of them were sitting down. They were climbing on their chairs and walking around the restaurant. Well their little children radar zoomed in on the little girl seated with the young couple. Well, soon they headed on over. They were sticking their faces right in front of the little girl. Distracting her from eating, and throwing toys on the table! They were screaming and being completely out of control.

The young couple looked on with shocked but polite expressions. You could tell they were trying to have a conversation but they were being tolerant. It would have been okay if it had lasted a few seconds, but this went on for a good half an hour. I couldn't even watch! I was disgusted at the parenting of the three crazy kids.. or lack there of. Since my back was to them, I had to ask FB what the mom was doing, and in between laughter she said.. "She's eating.. duh!"

The mom was probably happy for the distraction. It was probably the only way should could feed herself, but REALLY? That's NOT okay! I know I am only a mother to one, but my mother had five children! 5! You better believe that she was able to take us anywhere with out worry that we would walk around a restaurant interrupting peoples meals! REALLY LADY? Either get your children to sit their tushy's in their seats, or GO HOME!

FINALLY the lady left towing her three children behind her. You should have seen the sigh of relief the young couple gave!

FB and I could not stop laughing. She just kept repeating over and over "This is NOT okay...! This is not okay...!" In fact in the midst of our laughing fit she said "This is something for your blog!" Even she is starting to see "daily moments" as "Blog material!" Its gotten so bad that I actually tried to take a picture of the kids bugging the young couple. I took my phone out and snapped a picture, but it was too blurry! I'll get it next time though, don't you worry!!!

My question to you is: Is this okay public behavior for children? Am I not cutting this lady enough slack? I mean it is three children, but I would have been SO EMBARRASSED! I couldn't imagine letting Aidyn act like that! What are your pet peeves in restaurants? Have you seen outrageous parenting in public? I want to hear about it!


Lori said...

You already know where I stand on this subject. On the rare chance we do go out to eat, Jordan and Nevaeh both know that we would walk out if they acted naughty. I am soooo mean! XXOO

Riahli said...

So NOT okay...I have four kids four years of age and under, I have my hands full, and I would still NEVER let my kids act that way. If my kids start acting up anywhere, we leave. It can be stressful taking them somewhere were they are expected to sit for long periods of time (ten minutes is long for an active young child), so we rarely go out right now. It really bothers me sometimes when I see the way some people let their kids behave, especially if my child starts thinking they want to copy that childs behavior, SO frustrating! I've had many talks with my older one about another childs behavior and how that type of behavior isn't allowed in our family. It helps to talk about it.