Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My special veteran

I am not sure if I have written about my ex boyfriend who is in the army before. We dated a year ago, before he left for Iraq. Although we broke up shortly after he got there, I felt a fraction of the effect that war has on loved ones, and families.

We had several goodbyes because the Army kept changing his deployment date. Each one was hard- not knowing when or if I would ever see him again. We became so close, and I can honestly say he is one of the few guys I have cared very much for. In fact I started a blog for him here ((warning, its a tad bit mushy!)) when he was gone. It was an easy way for him to hear from me. After a while I stopped blogging (it was time to move on..), but I did keep writing him. For a while every day.

Even though my feeling changed, I continued to love and respect him. I loved that he loved his country. I respected the fact that he was putting his life at risk. No matter if you believe in the war in iraq or not, the truth is that the soliders are there for us. They leave behind families, friends, girlfriends, lovers.. (etc..) for us.

My solider came back from Iraq recently. Since I moved to FL I have been unable to see him. We talked the other night for two and a half hours. We talked about how he's changed and where life has taken us. I miss him very much, more then I thought I did. We have made plans to see each other when I venture back to Minnesota. (hopefuly in Dec.) I am thrilled that he made it back safely and at the prospect of seeing him. :))

Sad news is that he has gotten orders that he will be heading back to Iraq or Afghanistan shortly. (after already serving over a year in Iraq!) I just pray that things change and he is able to attend school and stay in the states. (mostly for his daughters sake!)

I know many Vetarans, and I am proud of them all. I am honored to live in this great nation with such amazing men and women protecting us. It is because of them, and those who fought before them that I enjoy such an awesome life. I am able to raise my son in a place where we are not scared for our lives. We dont hear bombs or gun shots. He sees men and women of all races-ages- and religions getting along. :) How awesome is that?!

So to you my solider, and all those that fight along side you (and around the world) I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Happy Veterans day!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I hope you are able to reconnect with hime again. Our veterans never get the proper thanks they they?

Lori said...

Beautiful honey!!!