Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday BD

Dear BD,

Happy Birthday 11/8. We have survived another year together as co-parents. You made it to another Birthday, before I turned you apsolutely crazy with my BM drama. (teasing.) I'd like to think that we've come to the end of all that, and we are finally setteling down into a routine. In fact, I think we are at a place in our lives where I would consider us friends.

We have been through quite a lot in the past three years. Some of it was bad, some parts were good, and some major points were great. I think all and all... were doing just fine. :)
I am excited to look at the future and where we are all going. I'd like to think that eventually we'll all be in the same area, and we can co-parent more easily. I enjoy our time together and I look forward to more in the future. Aidyn is so very happy when we are in the same location. His smile makes my heart ache a little bit, and makes me wish we'd tried a little bit harder. Never the less, in our own weird way we are a family. Tied together through our little monkey.

I hope that your Birthday is special and wonderful. I wish Aidyn was there to celebrate with you, but I promise you he's ready to sing you "Happy Birthday" whenever you call. He is very in to "Parties" right now, so i'm positive he'd be psyched to go to yours! Anywhere theres cake, you know he's game!

I'll buy you a round, next time you're around. :)

See you in December-Happy Birthday.

(Baby Mama.)


Lori said...

Happy Birthday Tony! You are a great daddy and Aidyn is blessed to have you as his daddy!