Monday, November 16, 2009

Poopy in the pot-tay! Poopy in the Pot-tay!


It is the first time he realized that he had to go, and went! There has been a few times where we have caught it half way through. Those times I held him over the potty, but this time it was all on his own. It was the smallest little thing, and it took him FOR-EVER! I felt like I was a birth coach. He kept saying:

"uhhhhhhh (thats his grunt) but mom, it wont come out the hole!"

I could not stop laughing. Of course I had to call BD and let him get in on the excitement. Here we are two grown adults cheering and squealing over poop!! Aidyn was so proud of himself, and I was over the moon! Big boy underpants here we come!!!!!

After he was done, I said "BD, we dont have a baby anymore."
He stopped and said "I know, now we have a big boy!"

I might miss a few of the "Baby" parts, but diapers will definitely not be one of them!


*For your viewing pleasure, I did not take any photos!!**


Lori said...

You could have at least taken one for grandma!!! I'm so proud of my big boy!!! XXOO

PS I should send him some new underwear? Boxers like Jordan or briefs? And what size? Let me know!

~Tom~ said...

awww what a proud moment. I dont blame you for not missing diapers!

Kit Kat said...

As someone who has no kids, and very limited experiences with kids, can I just say that that is sooo cute!

Unknown said...

The fact that you did not take a picture made me laugh and laugh : ) And think that you are a total blogger for even thinking about it : ) How funny!