Wednesday, November 18, 2009

That is NOT okay!

Apparently there are lots of things in life that are just "Not okay". So this is going to be a weekly segment although I am not holding myself to a certain day. Sorry... I'm kind of a rule breaker like that!

So here's the current situation.

At my school we have lots of different religions. Not all of them celebrate Christmas. So like most schools we are simply having a "Holiday" party. This year our school has decided to have a "Candyland" themed month. (like the board game) Each room would be designed after a character on the board. I was super excited.

Today I had to take an extra long break to make up some time, so I decided to do some research. I looked up the board game, and different decorations. I spent the entire hour doing it. Another teacher was sitting next to me working on some paper work and we were chatting a little bit. After lots of hmmm'ing and Hawww'ing I decided I wanted to be Queen Frostine. Thats when FB walked by and I told her all about it, and how excited I was. She talked about her ideas for her room. We were both psyched.

Meanwhile my director walked into the room, and we both told her to sign our rooms up. She said we'd discuss it more at the staff meeting (which we had tonight) and that she wanted everyone to have a fair shot at each option. I threw a mini-baby-fit, but I knew it was only fair. All the while the same teacher I was chatting with before was listening in, and heard this all.

So that takes us to the staff meeting we had tonight. I was excitedly talking to my co-teachers about our rooms plans, when my director brought the subject up. She gave out the list, and who speaks up right away saying she wants Queen Frostine? You guessed it, the teacher who sat by me during my break. I KNOW she over heard me, yet she went for it anyways?

I was IRATE! I literally would have bitched her out, had I not been at work. (or super mature!) I called out.. "We already called it!" but they just hollered back. It was slightly ridiculous, and eventually my director just said we could have rooms be the same thing. (ugh!) Only problem is our rooms are right next to each other. So when our parents go around to the room, they'll have two duplicate rooms side by side.

Am I being immature about this? Is getting upset even worth it? I dont know why it urked me so much, but it did. Now I am on a mission to have a better room then them. Luckily my artistic talent outweighs their room. (since they already have a list a mile long for me for International night..) So really.. Getting into the holiday spirit... here it is "Ms.eaves dropping-idea stealing-teacher":



~Tom~ said...

That was very rude of her. I would have been super pissed off. In fact as I read it, I was mad right along with you. I hope you clean her clock when it comes to the decorations!

Lori said...

Some people are just this way...and no it's not okay. The best way to get back at her is to be super nice to her and put a kickass room together. Don't stoop to her level, make her come up to yours! XXOO

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are not being immature for this bothering would bother me too! Remember me talking about the bullies in school? Well, they grow up and still act crazy like that!!
Good luck and this is NOT OK!!!

RileyScott said...

she's a bitch

Unknown said...

Are you serious? Who does that? What a creepy copy cat idea stealer! Don't worry! I can tell you are creative to the moon! You will totally rock it : )