Friday, November 6, 2009

Aidyn Kisses

There is nothing in this big-wide world that I love more then "Aidyn kisses". My son has the most beautiful lips I have ever seen on a little boy. He is complimented on them daily, and it is the first attribute anyone notices on him.

I have been blessed with a little boy who is very affectionate. He loves to cuddle, hug and kiss. In fact most nights we are cuddled together in bed watching movies. Every few minutes he'll turn around-cup my face and give me "Smoochies". I have gotten two kisses in the few minutes it has taken me to type this. He is currently leaning against me watching Charlotte's web, and begging to sit in my lap! I know that this wont last forever. Eventually he'll find out about the "boy" stereotype, and for a few years he wont want to come near me. (Im praying that never happens!) I am dreading the day he wont let me kiss him anymore. I live for his kisses. Just one look at my smiling blue eye'd boy and I am happier because of it, but one kiss, and my heart is warmed!

I am so lucky and full-filled by my role as a mother. Every day I fall more and more in love with him. I am so happy that we never have to be apart again! Go really has blessed me!

What makes you happy? What warms your heart, and makes you feel full filled in life?

Hope your weekend is full of smiles, and kisses!


Busy Bee Suz said...

this is so sweet. I love cuddles from my kids too, although I only get them from ONE anymore...but the other shows her love in other ways. Enjoy him. ( I know you do) with a wonderful and nurturing Mom that you are, you will always have a close bond with him.

twyla myrin said...

oh my gosh! i have the CUTEST godson in the whole entire world.
move home now so i can kiss those little cheeks!

Debbie said...

You do need to enjoy while you can. While I've been blessed that my boys have "cuddled" longer than average, it does eventually end:(

Riahli said...

I have super snuggly boys too, and I dread the day it ends. My first born is especially snuggly always asking for "Lovin" as he calls it. I always feel so lucky that I have an affectionate husband too who lets our boys be the loving little creatures they are and doesn't feel the need to force them into a certain mold. Enjoy your little love, he is adorable!