Sunday, October 11, 2009


Aidyn has surprised me every day with his knowledge. He has gotten so smart and grown up in the two months that we were apart. I feel like every day he wakes up knowing so much more then the day before... which is probably very accurate. :) Kids are so lucky!

On the airplane ride home from Minnesota we started talking about airplanes.

"Mom I want to drive an ERplane (airplane) when I get big."

"The man who drives the AIRplane is called a Pilot."

"A pilot?"


"I want to be a PILOT when I get big."

"You can do anything you want little man."

"I'm gonna fly a BLUE ERplane."

"Thats would be cool. Will you take mommy for rides?"

"Yep. We will go to Grandma Lori's house, and FLORIDA!"

I just hugged him then! I think a pilot is a very good career! I would love free trips!!!! As we started exiting the plane he was very persistent that we thanked the pilot. So he did, and he got some wings. He also got to look at the buttons and lights. This only got him more excited about being a "pilot". Its all he talks about. He told his teachers at school, his director, his friends, his dad, and anyone that will listen. He even told one lady he is going to be a pilot for Halloween! (Although I dont know how to put that costume together!) I really do love how big of a dreamer you can be as a child. I hope no body stomps his dreams, because in my eyes he can be anything he wants to be AND I wont stand for anyone telling him anything differently! Dream baby dream!