Saturday, October 10, 2009

Indoor playground!

After being in the Minnesota cold for five days last week, the Fl sun seems hotter then ever. I melt into a puddle the moment I step foot outdoors, but since I have an energetic two year old, I suffer when I have to. Today, on my day off, I decided we could both be happy. I packed a few diapers, (we really do need to get him potty trained) and we headed to the mall. At the mall is a little play area called "The swamp" it has lots of foam playground equipment and Aidyn loves it! Plus its air conditioned!!! (yay me!) I took off Aidyns shoes, and let him loose.

Aidyn is very similar to me in personality. We are both very outgoing, and make friends very easily. Within minutes he was chasing around a little blonde girl with pigtails and a cheer leading outfit. I am sure he would have made his father very proud. Plus she was at least a year older, which makes me worried. It was a brief glimpse of the future. They ran around the play area a hundred times before her mom called her to leave. We smiled that "mother smile" as they left, and waved goodbye. Of course it only took moments for Aidyn to get over his sadness from his new friends departure before he found a new play mate. An adorable little boy who must have been about two years older then him, the same age as my students. They were sitting in the boat, when another child tried to get in. Aidyn who is rarely aggressive, pushed his hands away. I walked over there to remind him that everyone needs a chance to play, and he happily let another friend in. I sat there and began to play with them. I love joining Aidyn in games. He has such a big imagination, and a minute later they had turned the boat into a train. They made me fix the tires, and off they "WALMART". Thats where they picked! Soon I had at least a half a dozen children surrounding me. We were talking about trains, and water, sea world, and turtles. I was giving hugs and having children on my lap. Just like my mom, I am a magnet for children. At least this time Aidyn didn't mind. He was in his glory with all the children around. All the parents looked on with smiles, and I gave them knowing grins.

When I sat back down one of the parents told me that my kids were adorable. I Looked at him puzzled, and said "kids?" and he nodded. I then told him only one was mine. He laughed, here he thought most of the little monkeys were mine! :) we both laughed.

I realized today that even though it was hard starting out being a nineteen year old mom, I am so happy that I am young and able to play with my son. We have so many adventures, and I am so lucky that I have the energy to keep up with him. I sure dont want to miss out on any adventure he has in store for me!!! :)

P.s. Indoor playgrounds were invented by angels!


littletoesandcheerios said...

Yes girl be thankful you are young! I am 36 with a hyper 2 1/2 yr old girl who is refusing to be potty trained btw, lol, so she wears me out all the time. And they love it when their moms are able to play hard with them. Nice post.