Sunday, July 12, 2009


Dear person who stole my camera,

First of all I'd like to start this letter off with a "HOW DARE YOU!" didn't your Mother teach you better? Maybe I should be writing a letter to her. Please give me her name, and I will have one post marked to her by the end of the day!

Second of all, if money is what you are after, I am sorry to inform you that my Camera is a P-O-S. I don't think that it has much monetary value anymore. I think that went out the door the hundreth time that I accidently dropped it. So good luck getting much for it! In fact, if you would have just cut me in on the deal, I may have been okay with it!

Third of all, you didn't just steal my camera. No.. you stole hundreds (i'm talking hundreds) of pictures.. memories. Pictures of 4th of July with my family, trips to the ocean, pictures of my son taking a bath with a mohawk, us together laughing, birthday parties, and holidays. You stole that from me, and that makes you a bastard! You could have at least left the SD card! Have a heart!

And finally I totaly believe in Karma, and you my friend, will get yours.

the girl who got her Camera jacked last night!!!!

p.s. maybe you and the guy who stole my ipod can be friends... seems you have a lot in common!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I loathe getting ripped sad about all your lost photos!!! That is heartbreaking. Karma is a Byotch.