Friday, July 10, 2009

The "mouse" mooBie.

It may be too early to throw doodle bops, sponge bob, and Diego out the window, (and back up over them), but Aidyn has moved on to a new favorite movie! (WOOOHOO!!!!) What is his new obsession? "MOUSE MOBIE MOM! MOUSE MOOOOBIE!" aka Stuart Little. Only, you can't tell him that its Stuart Little, OHHHH NO! It is, and forever more will be called "Mouse moobie!" Heaven forbid someone call it anything else. My "perfect" well mannered two year old has become notorious for his fits these days. (and i'm just plain sick of it!!) SO, this is one battle I'm willing to wave the white flag for. No use and correcting him, (I'll just make fun of him for it when he's a teenager) I'm just happy that there aren't any musical break outs or talking sponges. So now I'm off to finishing watching the "Mouse MoBie" again and when I start to get sick of it, someone please remind me that it could be MUCH, MUCH worse. (aka.. doodle bops!)

*side note.. It is not a grammatical mistake.. he pronounces MoVie with a B these days.. so moBie=movie!


Lori said...

That's too cute honey! I can hardly wait to see him later this month! And you of Love you honey...XXXOOO