Sunday, May 24, 2009

One week and counting...

I realize its been ages since i've written.. but thats a good thing right? I think that officially means I have gotten a life, and I have stayed so incredibly busy that I just havent had a second to share with all of you! Okay.. okay.. I miss you all.. and your blogs! BUT the good news is, that I've stayed so busy that I havent had much time to dwell on the fact that my favorite person in the whole entire world is across the country... Well.. ya.. you got me... I lied.. I think about him all the time.. but at least I havent resorted to locking myself in my room with a box of tissues, ben and gerry and the baby story on tlc... at least not every night :)

So getting to the point.. in one week.. yes ONE WEEK.. my little mister, my aidyn man, my favorite little boogie, my superstar, my one and only, my little miracle, and favorite unexpected surprise will be coming back to me! WOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Writing that makes it seem real. I'll finally have him back! My GOD!!! I survived.. barely.. but I DID IT!!!! YAHOOOOO! I'm wanting to run around the house doing back flips (I would if I could..) and screaming at the top of my lungs (if my neighbors wouldnt call the cops!)!!!!! So celebrate with me! Raise a glass of wine, a beer, a martini, a coke, or a glass of water and CHEERS to mister Aidyn man coming home!!!!!!

ALSO... now that he's back, i'll have many more evenings at home to write to all of you and catch you up on my life, and Aidyns! I'll never be so happy to spend a weekend home in my whole life then when I get to spend it with my boog again! 7pm bedtimes, cartoon mornings, bubble baths, i love you mommy's, tickle fights, and happiness is back soon!!! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!



Debbie said...

I am so happy for you! The end is in sight:)