Friday, May 29, 2009

The count down is almost over..

Here it is the day before my birthday, and it is the first year that I just dont care. I just want to skip it all together, because if I did, it would be Sunday. Sunday is the day Aidyn comes home. He is the best present I have ever recieved, and his coming home is the best Birthday present I could ask for. Last night on the phone we talked for twenty minutes. Twenty whole minutes! Since he is two and has the attention span of a knat it is hard to get him to talk longer then a minute. Of course, I call every other night, even if it is just to talk for thirty seconds and hear a half distracted I love you. BUT yesterday he talked to me.. he sang with me.. he kissed the phone. We talked about everything we were going to do when we got home, we sang, and we hooted and hollared. It was perfect. I feel like he is ready to come home to me. I am ready for him to be home. I am ready to be home again. Home is where ever he is, and with out him here, my home felt more like a house. That nagging feeling that tugged on my heart for the last sixty days is going to be replaced. :) I will feel whole again!!!!

Pray that my trip goes well (its 10 hours one way) and that the transition goes smoothly. I know he'll miss his daddy and stephy, but I hope that its not a huge fit when we pull away! I promise to upload pics and update on my status when he returns! I'm sure i'll be ranting and raving away about how darn cute he is and how much he's talking! Maybe i'll even post a video! Who knows?! lol! Have a great weekend!

-Miss Britt