Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HE"S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

HE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hip hip HOORAH!!!!!!!

I have had so much fun with boog since he got home. First of all let met tell you how awesome he is.. He drove 22 hours in the car, and the last 11 with me.. and he did NOT cry the entire time. He didn't even fuss! LOL he slept for most of it, and when he wasnt he just held my hand/my face/or my leg and smiled at me. He kept saying "aidyns mommy" lol! It was too cute for words!!!

Also to brag a bit more: He knows all his colors, all his shapes, half his letters, went poopy on the potty twice (and keeps trying), can swim like a fish, sings songs (single ladies by beyonce! lol!), and he is polite as can be! I think i have the worlds greatest kid! I dont care what anyone says! LOL! Anywho we have stayed pretty busy just hanging out at the house and the pool! He starts school tomorrow, and i'm a bit nervous, but I know he'll do great. His teacher is my best friend, and they already love each other to bits, so it should be a smooth transition! :) :) :)!!! Anyways were having a cuddle fest now, and i'm getting off so I can enjoy it more! Hope you guys are having as wonderful of a week as I am! Miss you all!

Hugs and kisses and GREAT BIG smiles...
Miss Britt


Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so happy he is back and is still the sweet little gentleman you dropped off a while ago!!!