Saturday, April 11, 2009

Scientist Brittany

So, I have been given a new task at work recently.. one that I am embracing with open arms. I am the new "Science Teacher" for my seniors. I have complete freedom (well kind of.. ) to create curriculum. This weekend I am stepping up to the plate and getting a jump start on next week... (and the following..) I thought maybe you would all enjoy some of the things I came up with and maybe you could do the same with your kid-os :) So enjoy my science by Brittany :)

April is Creepy-crawly month.. (ie: Bug month)

Monday: Bug Search.

Students will dig through the dirt (top soil on their desk) to find creepy-crawly-bugs. (Stretchy insects found in the dollar section at target) They will then take there bug journal (sketches of each bug that was included that I drew out on a sheet of paper) and mark off each bug that they can identify. We'll then talk about the different types of bugs, and there parts. AND of course they each get to keep one of the creepy-crawly bugs :)!

Tuesday: Magic pills

Each student will get a clear cup of warm water. I will then give them a "magic pill" that they will place in there cups. After a few minutes the magic pill creates a bug. (which is really a sponge, that pops out when the capsile disolves) After they are done watching the capsiles come to life, we'll then use them to sponge the different bugs on to paper, and write their names. As well as talk about the information that comes with each type.

Wednesday: Slithering-slinking snakes

The students will all create snakes out of white home-made playdough. We will then look at pictures in our books of snakes, and talk about different types of snakes. We will look at the paterns on their skin, and we'll try and replicate them with paint after they dry.

Thursday: BREAK FROM BUGS.... Parashute time!

Just because I know the boys (and of course the girls!) will love this.. we are going to take a break from bugs, and venture outside for this next activity. I will take plastic grocery bags, and cut them into squares and then into octogons (which i will prep before class) I will then make small circles in each corner, and attatch a piece of yarn. Each studen will be given one. They will then tie a small army man to the make-shift parachute. We will then climb to the top of our playground, and toss our brave army men over board. We'll watch them (hopefuly) land safely into the sandbox!!! :)

Friday: Yummy Worm hunt

As a follow up to last weeks worm exercise, where we played with and looked at live worms.. we will do a worm dig with gummy worms and oreos. Each student will be given a pile of "soil" (oreos crushed" and a few gummy worms. After digging to find them with their cup, they'll be allowed to eat them. While we go over the parts of worms, and other info. :)

WEEK ONE COMPLETE :) hip-hip-horray!


Busy Bee Suz said...

oh lordy...those little ones will eat it up. (well, I hope THEY don't eat it really)
All the bug stuff...sounds like fun.