Thursday, April 2, 2009

Looking on the bright side...

So here's a list of things that I have enjoyed since Aidyns been gone:

1) I have been able to watch television programs all the way through, from start to finish!

2) Said ^ television shows DO NOT have cartoons in them.

3) I have slept the entire night with out being woken up by being kicked in the face.. After mister man has crawled into bed with me.

4) I have been able to eat a meal with out having to get after a little boy, or share.


6) I don't have to wake up until 8 am!

7) I don't have to worry about getting two people bathed/dressed/fed and out the door!

8) I haven't had to change a poopy diaper...........wait I do that all friggen day at work!

9) I'm able to lounge, and have mommy time.. including painting my toe nails!

10) I am ABLE to shave my legs..... not saying I did.. but i'm able to :)
Now, ten things I've missed about Aidyn being gone:
1) Cuddling at night.
2) Singing silly songs together.
3) Morning kisses
4) Hearing "I lub you!"
5) Seeing his adorable smile!
6) His pouting face!
7) Laughing until we collapse together!
8) Morning cartoons (while cuddling)
9) Bath time.
10) tickle fights.


Lori said...

Oh honey what a great list. I am thankful that you are looking at the bright side of things even though I know you miss your little man with all your heart. I know how much I miss him and you!

Big Hair Envy said...

Great post!! Enjoy your big girl time:) It will make you a better mommy when your little man returns!! ((hugs))

I just LOVE your positive attitude!

Busy Bee Suz said...

awww...finding the silver lining first...pricless!