Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Aidyn (the letter..)

This letter is posted late, but not written late.. enjoy my letter to my little man..

Dear Aidyn,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! Boy how time flies. Its seems like only yesterday I was carrying you in my tummy. Now you are walking... make that running around. I love how everything is interesting, to you. The smallest things are miracles, and you take each day as a new opportunity. You make me want to re-explore the world with you.

This year has been one of growth. We have moved to two different states on oppisets sides of the country. You learned so many new things. You have gotten so incredibly big, and smart. I seen you blossom from a baby into a toddler. A very handsome toddler I may add. You have been such a trouper through everything.. and with each decision, and each move I made it for you.

I hope you always know that everything I do is for you. To make your life better. To make you happier. Because if anyone in my life deserves all the happiness in the world, it is you. I am so sorry for some of my decisions. I wish I could have given you a mother and father that were married and got along. I wish with all my heart you didnt have to live between two states. I wish I could have given you the world. For that my heart breaks...

BUT.. I want you to know... That I give you my attention. I give you my love. I give you my kisses. I give you my warmth. I give you my sense of humor. I give you my patience. I give you my zest for life. I give you me.

I am so blessed to have a son like you. You wake me up with morning kisses, and cuddle with me as you fall asleep. You say "lub you mommy" at least a hundred times a day and it melts my heart. You get so excited when you learn something new, and your smile is infectious. You love to write, and draw. (sometimes all over things you're not supposed to). You cant stop dancing, its as if the world is your stage, and you are just beaming as the star. You love music, and we sing ALL the time. You are silly, and love to climb. The park is your favorite place in the whole world. When you get shy you put your face into my leg, but that isnt often. Sometimes at night when you are laying beside me, you wake up and you get scared. Maybe from a bad dream.. but you reach for my hand and hold it. It makes me feel safe too. You are so special and sweet. I'm sure every mom believes there child is the most amazing person in the world, but with you I am certain. You have me wrapped around your tiny little finger, and I know that will never change.

I love you mister Aidyn man. You have not only made this day (april 3rd) special for me, but you've made my life special. I just pray that God blesses us with so many more happy and wonderful days. I wish you the best of wishes, and many more candles in the future.

I love you Baby,