Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday bliss

What a wonderful day. I woke up early so that I could get ready to go to my test. As it was, I almost didn't even make it. I am unfamiliar still with Gainesville, and barely found the testing site in time. (ugh) It was at a huge Methodist church, and what the directions failed to mention was that it was in a building behind the church, and down this hill. No signs, nothing. So me as well as five other girls that were searching frantically for the door made it with mere seconds to spare. (thanks to a kind stranger driving past, who hollered to us.) I am not sure how I did. I think I may have done well on a few tests, but others I may have to retake. I guess we'll see.

Afterwards I met up with my parents at a local bar and grill. Drank a few beers (only 2 actually), and had some wings. They were wonderful. (the beer wasn't half bad either! mmm! God I love being 21!) Afterwards I drove home and we got Aidyn man down for a nap. While he slept I caught up on some online stuff I needed to finished. When he woke up we decided we were going to go to the park. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Perfectly sunny and about 75 degrees. Warm, light breeze, and perfect. I honestly couldn't have made it more perfect if I had planned it.

Aidyn is so polite. At the park he kept saying "excuse me" when he tried to get through, or if he accidentally bumped into someone. I was so proud of him. Its those little things that set him apart from the others. Even other parents compliment me on how cute and polite he is. That's whats important to me. No matter what or who he becomes in life, I just hope that he is a nice person. I want him to grow up to be a gentleman and he's most definitely on his way! He loves to swing, climb, slide and run. He is such a boy! I love weekends that we get to spend just being together and being silly. I love my children at work, and my week flies by spending time and having fun with them, but nothing compares to lazy days with Aidyn.

Well Aidyn man is insisting on watching doodle bops again, and is currently crashed out on the floor watching them! (too cute!) I guess I really wore him out today. :) Please be sure to check out my new pictures of my beautiful blue eyed boy :) Enjoy :)


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh. He is delicious. really, so cute.
you are doing a great job teaching him manners NOW. It makes life so much easier and it is a real compliment to you because he most likely sees YOU doing the same polite things. Good Job! Mom gets an A+.
It was a glorious day in Florida nice that I got my silly self sunburned while watching my daughters ball game...and I am the one who fusses at everyone else to sunscreen....yikes.

Brittany said...

Wait, where in FL do you live? I live in Gainesville :) just moved here.. and yes it was beautiful!

Lori said...

What a great day honey! I love the pictures of my little honey pie. Makes me just want to kiss him!