Friday, March 6, 2009

Early Weekend! TGIF

I got off work early today! Yipee! Typicaly I dont tend to volunteer to go home since I want and need the hours, but I got the Friday itch. When they approached me to go (since we were over staffed) I couldn't get out the door fast enough. I dont know if it was the crying/whining children, the fact that it was almost the weekend, or the thought of seeing my son, or all three but I was THRILLED to be going home.

After texting my co-workers "Ha! I get to go home early! Yipee!" in my effort to brag and give them a hard time, I was out the door. On my way home to see my little man. I was welcomed home with the biggest smile and hug and kiss. Man I love my (almost) two year old. I asked him "Hey Aidyn, What should we do today?" I thought he'd say the park, swimming, or painting, but NO!! He said "Doodle bops"...! We have watched this movie every night for a week. He loves it. He dances, sings, and is all together enthralled. Ocassionaly he'll glance up at me and smile or hug me... but for an hour he is 100% focused on those colorful people (are they people?). Well, whatever makes him happy. (i'll post the video I just took soon!)

I hope we can make it outdoors later this afternoon (when it cools off a bit) to try and get some good pictures of him. I am going to try and take his 2 year old portraits myself. I am pretty handy on photo shop, and i'm good with a camera so maybe it'll be cheaper then paying a pro... We'll see. I'll post them, and see what you think soon!

Tomorrow I have a child care test that I have to pass for work. In FL you have to take a 40 hour course in order to work in any child care center. I have already taken my classes, and I think the test will be a breeze, but this also means no late night drinks with my co-workers. Another early night for me just hanging out with aidyn man.

Well i'm off to enjoy the sunshine and my honey. I dont have very much time left with him (before he goes to his dads for 2 months) so i'm trying to enjoy each and every second. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with wonderful surprises :)

Hugs from FL!


twyla myrin said...

oh brittany. i love your blog.

i love love love watching you raise that little man. you are raising him into an incredible man. you are a great mother.

can't wait to see you and little man oh so soon. i can hardly wait.

love you guys!