Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A new post, at last!

Thank you for all those who still check in to see if I have written. My new years resolution is to continue to write in my blog, at least weekly. So here it is, a new post.

My mother who writes a blog, my life interrupted, had a post on her blog which gave a challange to come up with 10 things you love for that start with the letter of the challangers choosing. My mom had the letter "d" and she gave me the letter "M". So here are my top ten things I love that beginning with the letter "m"

1) Memories: I had the privelage to grow up with an amazing family, who i've shared laughter, tears, and a few beers with. My favorite christmas memory was waking up early christmas morning to find my mom making breakfast. She would have wine glasses decorated with ribbon and orange juice in the place of wine. No dashing for presents in our family. We would sit around and enjoy pancakes, and share what we were thankful for that year. Afterwards we would read the "real" christmas story, about the birth of baby jesus. Then we would go around in a circle and open up presents.

2)Motherhood: Even though finding out I was going to be a mom at nineteen was extremely frightening, it has given me the most amazing opportunity and privelage to be the mother of a son that I could only have dreamed of. His blue eyes and great big smile are the reason for getting up, and with each new word and new thing learned I am both amazed and in awe of the gift that God has given me.

3) mother: There have been two times in my life that stick out that I needed her more then anything, and without hesitation she was there. The night of my sexual assault she left and drove two hours, to be with me. When she walked through the doors of my uncles home and enveloped me a hug, the safety and the warmth I felt gave me the courage to fight my attacker, and stay strong. She was my rock. Then as I delivered my son, she was by my side, holding my hand, and cheering me on. She made me laugh through out the pain, and shared in the joy of the birth of my son and her grandson.

4) music: Nothing is more calming then listening to some Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, or John Legend.

5)Making art: If there has ever been something I have been good at, it is art. I have been blessed with the ability to be creative and my mom said that she new I was going to be an artist from the time I was little

6) Motorcycles: I love cruising down the road on the back of a bike. The wind in my hair, the freedom, and feel of the road. (I got that from father!)

7)My father: I have always been a daddys girl. As far back as I can think. Even though we are seperated by thousands of miles, every time I get a phone call I feel like I am reverted back to a five year old girl, completely in awe of my father. I remember him coming home from the shop, full of oil and greese. His hands bleeched black from the cars he'd been working on. No amount of scrubbing changed that! He would give me the worlds greatest hugs! The smell of him, is one i'll always remember. One year after my father had moved to Florida, my brother looks at me and said.. "you know what I miss about dad being here... his hugs.. the way he smelled when he huged us" I couldnt agree more!

8) Marriage: Through marriage I have recieved two wonderful step parents. My step father Gerry, and My step mother Deb. After my parents divorce I said I wouldnt consider anyone my parents marride as parents. Then... as time passed, and my parents were so smart and careful in their choice of who they brought into our lives, and into our family, I have grown to love both my step parents very much. They are such a joy in mine and my sons lives. I do not know what me and my son would have done with out the generosity of my step father. He allowed us to move into his home, no questions asked. What a gift he has been to me.

9)Monopoly: My favorite board game, and the memories of playing it with my older brother and younger brother until the wee hours of the morning and eventually getting pissed and quiting are onces i'll cherish forever... and of course beecause i ALWAYS won :)!

10) Midnight: I love new years eve at the strike of midnight. You can almost feel the magic in the air. The love, the wishfulness, and the hope. All the goals we set for ourselves, and honestly believe. Even if I have no one to kiss as the clock strikes, the ball drops, and the new years rang in its still such an amazing moment, and I love that feeling!

a few bonus answers:

11) M&M's who doesnt love them?

12) Movies! Esp: Juno, Pretty Woman, and boon dock saints!

13) Making snowmen (or snow bunnies ie: last easter!)

14) Munching on all of my mommys good food!

15) Microwaves.. because I do not cook as well as my mom!

16) Mac n cheese.. MMMMM

17) Mail! I love getting hand written cards! NOT BILLS!

18) Make up!

19) Making people laugh!

20) Myspace.. how else could I keep up with all of my friends?

Okay there it is.. from the most important to...well... the least important : ) All and all, those are some of the "m" things I love!

*think you could do it? Ask for a letter, and let see what you come up with!


Lori said...

Great list honey! Thank you for all the nice things you said about me...your always so sweet!

Anonymous said...

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