Wednesday, December 17, 2008


so its nearly christmas, and as much as I wish it, and as much as I want it, I have NO christmas spirit. Maybe its because this will be the first christmas i've spent away from my family, or maybe its because I dont have a tree. Well nothing christmasy. Not a damn thing! We have no lights, no garland, no tacky santa decorations, no stockings! NOTHING! Just a plan old house. I am not one for a ton of "hoplah" around christmas time, but I wish I had a little something. I was going to get a little tree for my room, but decided that just screamed "i'm single and broke".. so I decided against it. (poor me! lol literaly!)

Never the less, Christmas moves on. Luckily my son is able to share in the Christmas spirit in Minnesota. He was able to get a ride half way, and my mom picked him up. I am sure he is SO excited to see her and his cousins. They always have so much fun, and my mom makes everything so special around the holidays. I miss him already, and my days seem so boring, not running after and almost two years old! In fact, I am so bored I've cleaned the house twice. Scrubbing floors, wipeing down walls, dusting, dishes! My house that I share with two male roomates went from smelling like a raunchy locker room covered in stale beer to a candle smelling heaven! :) I'm sure my roomates rub themselves with dirty socks before they leave, just to keep up appearances but I know they love it just as much as I do :)

I'm thinking maybe today I am going to paint a christmas tree on a canvas. Only because I can paint right over it tomarrow, and I really just need a tree! even if it smells like paint :) I'll try and post pictures of my master piece for you shortly.. and maybe just maybe i'll make a snow angel.. and you can see that too!