Friday, July 4, 2008

One week and counting...

So.. the move is almost here. I havent had a chance until now to get nervous. I have been busy working, tending to Aidyn, and working on my garage sale. All the work and chaos leaves me little or no time to worry about "what ifs"... but now here I am.. My garage sale over, my son sleeping, done with work for the night.. and my head is raceing. My sense of peace with my decision is still there, but my thought about how will I do it.. do everything with out my mom... and financialy how will I handle it.. floods my mind. Although the stress of everything is getting to me.. a part of me knows that God has everything under control, and really all I have to do is put it into his hands. I know that if its meant to be its meant to be. I just need to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

I am getting very excited to start my new job. I think it'll be fun, and exciting, and challanging all in the right amounts (so I hope.)... I'm also really excited to meet all the wonderful new people in Omaha. :) :) :)... I'm sure i'll make some really good friends, and I'll get to tell all of you all about it :)

NOW.. on to something BESIDES the move :) ....
Aidyn has started saying "peez"!!!! To translate from baby-aidyn talk.. thats Please. We got him to start saying it, by making him try before we gave him food.. So now he's like a puppy, and every time he does the "trick" he thinks he needs to be rewarded... Or rather he knows when he wants a reward and does the trick. So every time i'm eating, or drinking something its "peez mama? peez".. some times this is in a sad whiney voice (usually after I tell him "No!") or.. in a happy voice when I have yet to tell him no... but ultimately it doesnt matter. Right now its still "cute" and I usually cave anyways. I am pretty strict with him, and he doesnt get away with much.. but he sure is charismatic, and knows when to lay it on thick... That boy has many people around his little finger.. and i'm trying with fail to not be one of them :) (but of course I am..)

I got rid of a lot his old baby clothes (as well as my niece and nephews) this weekend at my garage sale, coming in with a total around 350.00 in a little over a day ;) Not bad for old crap I didnt want to haul with me to Omaha! I was pretty psyched when we added it all up, it was definetly worth all the hours that I put into it. Everyone said how impressed they were that it was so organized. We had bright orange signs typed up showing the sizes in sections. Everything was already sorted, and kind of like a mini-walmart.. except unlike my cashier yesterday I knew how to count... and I had manners.. and I could smile :) ... BEAT THAT SERVICE!!!

Sadly, that 350.00 will soon be dished out to fill my gas tank, car insurance, and to pay a credit card bill.. but hell it was fun while it lasted! :( and :)

Tomarrow my mom is takeing the kids to the zoo (ya she's brave!) kids meaning a 1-2-3 year olds!!! yikes! They are pretty well behaved, and I'm sure they'll love the zoo! I wish I was able to go with but, I opted to pick up a few shifts at work. I need the cash, and since it'll be my last weekend, it'll be nice to spend more time with my guys (and gal) at my number one group home. I will miss those guys so much, and I think i'll cry very hard when I actually drive away for the last time. They have been my other children for the last 3/4 of a year, and to know I will never see them again breaks my heart. I honestly love them, and will always have a place in my heart for them.. (i'll post about this again when I have to say goodbye)...

Well this has gone on long enough for tonight, since its a big fat rambling mess.. but I wanted to throw something new up, so I could catch you all up. I promise I'll get better at this, but in the mean time enjoy your fourth of july weekend, be safe, and get some sun :) !

-m.o.t.g britt