Thursday, July 10, 2008

2 Days 2 Go and 2 much 2 do!

So, here I sit on my computer, when I should be getting the million of zillions of things that still need to be cleaned, packed, and finished, but I just though, who can I bitch to? Ohhh yes my blog readers, of course!

I have basicaly nothing done. Honestly. I've spent the last couple of days painting, and TRYING to organize things. I didnt get much organizing done, but I got most of my painting done. I had many projects I WANTED to get done, but not many were finished. *sigh*. Oh well, another day, another time. Good thing, I work best under pressure. Tonight (after work) I'll have to run around get everything packed, and not only that, but decide what I want to bring with me at first, and what can wait until baby daddy and I come back to get Aidyn and rest of our stuff. I have a Grand Am SE, and although its a pretty roomie car, it still wont bring nearly everything that I want and need to bring with me. BUT i'm a trouper, and i'll figure it out!

To top it all off, I agreed to work a 9am to 9pm tomarrow, and need to be on the road by 7 am saturday morning. SO I HAVE to have everything packed up and in my car tonight! I dont know why I agreed to do the double shift.. money maybe? Or maybe the simple fact of knowing that I'll have to say goodbye, and wanting to postpone that as long as possible.

Goodbyes, I hate them. I am a careing person, maybe overly careing. I love people, and so, I end up getting my heart broken when I have to say that last goodbye. My sauk house, understands that i'm leaving, and they were pretty bummed yesterday. I bought them and ice cream cake and told them it was only "see ya later" but we all know that as much as we all intend to stay in contact, truth is, the visits will get shorter and far between, and soon it'll be almost non existant. Kind of like my high school friendships. *tear*

Well anyways, this is not suppose to be a sad post, rather its intended to be kind of humerous, just though i'd update you with pictures from my pre moving days. Enjoy the madness, and i'll definetly post when i'm done, and in my own place :) CANT WAIT! this is really going to be an adventure...

The gift basket of "essentials" I got from my Mom and step dad! THANKS GUYS!!!!
My room is in the "process" of being packed!
One of my MANY projects. Painted my two night stands for my new b/w bedroom (pictures of completed room when i'm moved in!)