Tuesday, May 27, 2008


You know that anticipation right before Christmas. When you're five years old... staying up sooooo late (late being like 10:00pm which seems very-very late to a five year old) tossing and turning thinking about all the new and wonderful presents Santa (mom and dad) will be bringing you tomarrow. The christmas lights, the smell of pine, and fresh baked goodies radiate through-out the house. You do that i-look-like-i-gotta-pee dance, because you're just so stinkin' excited. A smile spread from ear to ear..... ? you know that feeling? MMMM... thats the kind of feeling i've had all week :)

In approximately 1 day 22 hours and 45 minutes plus some seconds I will officialy be 21. I will be finaly be considered an "adult". A real one. No that barely out of high school-no one takes you seriously-or thinks you're old enough to be a "mom" adult.. but a real one! Yipee. I can go to a nice restraunt and order a glass of wine. I can have a pina colada while getting caught in the rain. I can have a beer at the Twins game.. without having to worry about hideing my cup from any tattle tales or cops. PHEW! Its not as if I drink religiously, in all actuality I dont really drink much at all. I enjoy the occasional beer around the fire, or a twelve pack at a party ( lol jk mom)... its more of a moderation-social drinking type relationship with alcohol. Its just the fact that I can that gets me excited.

Then.. to put a cherry on top of this sundae (or some rum in my coke!) my father will be coming in from Florida, with his wife. Florida Granny and gramps havent seen Aidyn since he was just a wee babe (i'll enclose a photo), so the anticipation of them coming is really getting to me as well. AND all of this will happen on Friday. The plan is my mom will take me out for my Birthday, and we'll meet florida g&g at the local pub for a beer. :) My first legal beer (or shot) with the rents. Should be intresting.

Then right after my brother gives his finaly adu to high school, in the cap & gown ceremony we call graduation, I will put my rear in gear and head to my best friend 2's house (see picture to the left..) we will call her my "twin". (i'll explain in future blogs) our birthdays are approx a day and a half apart.. So we call ourselvs day and a half apart twins. Totaly rediculous, and immature, but we do it all the same. SOOO anyways, I need to book it to be able to make it to her house by midnight. So we can have our first legal drink together. (phew what a mouth full) We plan on hitting the sheets early (I love sleeping in her big cumfy bed next to her.. one of my favorite places to pass out) so we can get to the twins game, (YANKEES VS TWINS) by 12ish.. :) I am so excited!!!!!!!!!! After that it'll be a whirl wind couple of days for me.. were hitting the clubs at night, and the following day i'm heading to another Twins game with a male friend of mine. (TWO TWINS GAMES IN TWO DAYS!! I'LL DEFINETLY BE LOVING BEING AN ADULT) Then after a fun filled weekend, it'll be back to reality.. and the REAL expectations of being an adult. Bills, work, wakeing up at the butt crack of dawn with Aidyn, and all the wonderful things that go along with being a mother. All the things I LOVE :) dread, and just plain have to do, so I might as well enjoy them.....

Where will my little boog be during my little fun-filled-packed-with-irresponsibility (just kidding again mom)-weekend....? He gets to spend one on one time with Florida G&G :) It'll be nice for them to really get to know him and spend time with him. Its oober important that they are a part of his life. I was such a daddy's girl when I was younger, and a part of me always will be... So I really hope that my son will bond with my father as much as possible with him living thousands of miles apart. :)

Well anyways.. the count down as begun.. and is going fast.. so now by the end of this blog, there is only 1 day 22 hours and 30 minutes until I finaly turn the big 21!!! Hope to see lots of you out there, and dont forget to buy me a drink :)


Lori said...

I can hardly believe that I gave birth to you 21 years ago this morning...it's been quite the ride with you and wow am I feeling old as I write this, thinking "My gawd, my 4th child turned 21 today...I have 4 kids that can actually drink legally...only 1 more child lagging behind and he will be 19 in less then 2 weeks...uggg, I am getting flippin old."

You grew up on me so damm fast...you have grown up good. I am proud to be your mom and even though I haven't always been the best mom, I have always tried to be.

Please, please be safe when your out celebrating these next days...you know how I feel about drinking and driving...so don't...it will be fun tonight...getting to celebrate with you.

Have a great day my sweet...I thank God every day for the gift that is you...I love you all the way to the moon and back! Mom