Friday, May 30, 2008 hood

So here it is.. May 30th 2008. The year i've been waiting for since I was 16 years old. Then even more so when I was 18. Funny thing is.... I feel... totaly 100%.. THE SAME! No big pile of confetti, no late night body shots, or champagne toast. Nothin. I have officialy been of age for 9 whole hours and have yet to consume a taste of alcohol! Not one bit! ( although with all of aidyns new found bitching and moaning I have been tempted to take a shot..just one.. or two.. or three).. but instead I'm in my flannel pj's with pig tails (yes pig tails.. which should be reserved for girls under the age of 12, and porn.... but i'm in my pj's and my hair is crazy today so I thought what the hell.. if you cant do it on your birthday when CAN you?) watching Laurie Berkner with Aidyn on my lap. I've already had to give a spanken for digging in the garbage and recyclables... WHAT A BIRTHDAY!!! (Aidyn is next to me screaming now... crying...and trying to get on my lap.. where did these dramatics come from!!! not from me...NO... no! lol)

However, I did have breakfast in bed with my son! He woke up around 730 and I rushed upstairs to the pantry, grabed a box of honey corn flakes, a bowl, a spoon, and some milk and rushed back down to my screaming boy. We spent the beginning of my Birthday morning eating breakfast in my bed (reminder to wash my sheets... gol I wish that was for a very DIFFERENT reason..again sorry mom! lol). We watched some Dora and acted silly. We went upstairs to see mom and the kids off to school and get ready for our day...

Today is Jordans birthday party.. and although in past years I would have kicked and screamed and demanded that today is MY day.. yes MY day... I am an adult now, and I guess I can share my Birthday with an adorable three year old, at McDonalds (since its now raining and our park party is called off) with a bunch of screaming kids, and happy meals. Sounds like one hell of a 21st birthday to me!

Now just as I was getting very good at bitching.. my very crabby son, grabed his blankie, walked over and put his hands up in the air to signal he wanted "up" .. he crawled up on to my lap and put his head down to cuddle.. (after falling on a play vacuum..) and now just as I write this the quiet of him laying on me stopped as he reached for the remote and when I took it away he bellowed again! ha ha and its only 9:16 a.m!

So after I am done with this post its off to get ready. I have to look cute this morning so I can go get my new license!!! WOOHOO!!! Then its off to the mall to return a dress I THOUGHT would look cute for my 21st birthday and search for another outfit to go out in on Sunday... :) THEN its off to the 3 year old-McDonalds party I'd say.. this will be one hell of a Birthday!!!!!

What do you think?
Thanks for all the Birthday wishes... Maybe i'll see ya out at the bar tonight (with my mom)! I'll be expecting a drink!

Take care ya'll

P.S The weekend cant start soon enough! Best friend 2 (my twin) my dear.. I cant wait to spend our birthdays together! Get a shot ready, I think i'm gonna need it!