Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day weekend

Memorial day weekend was full of wonderful memories. Ones I will cherish forever. Although plans didn't go as we had planned, it was far cooler out then normal, and I didn't have my little boog, it was still wonderful all the same. My weekend cosisted of:
Saturday: I had planned on going to Awake the Lakes, but since there was nothing planned for the evening, my friend and I tried desperately to find a party. Finding nothing (and with still a week before I turn 21) I ended up staying home with my mom and step dad. We had a fire, drank a few coronas, had some laughs, and a good conversation with my mother. It may sound like a lame night to some, but it was actualy quite enjoyable :) (fire below from saturday night Sunday: I started my day off by having a birthday breakfast for my nephew, some good pancakes and sausage, and orange juice (yum). He opened his presents, and they got ready to go to a party. I decided I would grab my pole and some bait and hit the lake. I went up to my aunt and uncles and went fishing. Although I didnt catch any fish (dang it!) I loved being out on the lake, enjoying waves and the beautiful weather. My uncle took me on a boat ride around the lake, and it was awesome finaly being able to enjoy all the beauty.. :) (GOODBYE WINTER!!)
some pics from my fishing adventure..

Monday (today): I woke up late, (ahhhh love sleeping in!) and had lunch with my family. Had bratts on the grill, and birthday cake (that my nephew didnt get to have yesterday because he was being naughty), and then my two brothers and I took the kids to the park. That was short lived when my three year old nephew threw a fit. I ended up bringing him home. I went back to the park and we decided we wanted to play baseball. We thought we had a bat and ball at home, but after digging through the garage came up empty handed. Instead we grabed my sons wiffle bat, and my sisters tennis balls and went across the street to play ball. I'm sure we looked apsolutely rediculous playing with a foot long bat. We played for about an hour before heading home to play golf with the little kids golf set. We got quite a few looks from the neighbor lady. Ya.. were that cool! (lol)...... Afterwards my mom and step dad joined us and we played some outdoor games and had a camp fire. It was really relaxing hanging out with the whole family, especialy since I know my time with my little brother J, will be coming to an end. I'm going to miss him so much, he is one of my best friends, and knowing he'll be gone soon breaks my heart. I dont know how i'll say goodbye, but at least we have another couple of weeks to make some great memories helps a little. (plus i can visit in florida!) here are some monday pics:

It was a really great weekend, even though it was very low key. :) I know these are memories that I will cherish forever:) Hope enjoyed all the pics (**disclaimer: All photos were taken with my phone, sorry about the low quality) and I also hope you had a wonderful memorial day weekend, full of memories you'll never forget :)