Friday, September 16, 2011

Aidyn update

You're looking at one of the newest pre-schoolers in town!

A full blown smartie pants!

Who draws and paints the coolest pictures!

Who can write his own name!

Can spell tons of words, most recently, the word IOWA!

Who loves to dance, pose, sing, and be a total diva!

Who loves to jump on the trampoline, and do karate moves!

Who loves to spend time with his daddy! (esp. when they are wrestling or playing tag!)

Who gives the best kisses in the world, and who is still a complete mama's boy!

Who is still the best little boy around!

Aidyn is doing FANTASTIC!

I was worried about how the move would affect him, but it doesn't even seem to phase him!

He is so resilient!

and brave..

He does miss everyone in Minnesota, but it doesn't seem to be hindering him in any way!

He is just all around a good kid.

Keep in mind that he is still four.. so some days.....

but for the most part, we have no problems, and we really just enjoy our life together!

He is VERY excited about BD and I being together!

He is positive that we will get married, and is already planning on being the ring bearer!

Lets just say I am one lucky mama!

I have one amazing kid, who just keeps getting better with time!

*by the way.. he says HELLO! :)


Steph @ Flip Flop Chic said...

Ok, gonna say this all in one comment:
-So glad you're back to blogging
-Congrats on the new job!
-Your house is SO CUTE!
-Thrilled to see you're in love and back with BD!

Relationships are not always easy and it is wonderful that you have the love (for yourselves, each other, and your child) and maturity to realize that people grow and change, and that wounds can be healed. I wish y'all the best!

asj said...

so cute, so happy for you on all of the positive changes in your life! can't wait to continue to follow along on all the excitement!!! :)

Kat said...

Awwww. What a cutie! And smart too! Congrats to your big preschooler! :)

Eschelle Westwood Mumfection said...

omg that is way too cute!! I will be so happy and so sad when my eldest goes to school next year :(

Kenya said...

So cute! Glad he is doing good with the move!