Monday, September 27, 2010

Don't hate me...

But I am BEYOND busy right now!

1. I started a new church and bible study!
2. I started selling Mary Kay! I am SOOO excited!
3. I've driven 8 hours in total to drop off and pick up Aidyn from his dad! (every other weekends suck!)
4. I am looking for a new job!
5. We cleaned/reorganized almost every room in our house!
6. I visited friends and attended a party in Mpls Saturday night! (tack on another four-five hours of driving!)
7. Keeping up with comments (which I am getting a big fat F on!)
8. I watched my niece and nephew so my parents could get away for the night Friday! They needed that more then anyone!
9. Just living, keeping up with three little kids, cleaning, entertaining, and keeping a sane mind..

I know it might not sound like a lot, but I am beyond over whelmed.

When I have had a second to jump on the computer, I don't even know where to start!

I think I always feel like this after the weekend! I should just put a sign on my blog that says "Closed for the weekend"! Then I wont feel so guilty for not blogging or commenting!

Never the less, I cant wait to catch back up with all of you! Let me know if I missed anything big, and look for me in the upcoming days!


p.s. To all my new followers, I will be by to say hi! I promise! I am not always such a slacker :) Just ask my blog friends... if there still talking to me :))


Karli said...

You shouldn't feel the need to apologize for life happening! We all know you're busy raising Aidyn and you're an excellent blogger! :)

Relax a little love and enjoy some quiet time for yourself!

Aimee said...

I know how you feel because my job is so unpredictable that I never know when I am ust going to be too swamped to go on Blogger... But with that being said, don't feel guilty. We all love you and we wont get mad at you.

I will get worried if you disappear for 1 week. You are sooo busy right now. So no worries. Live it up! Hopefully you are enjoying all of the things that are keeping you busy. Good luck with your job hunt

Rebekah said...

You are busy, but that's good! A new bible study sounds awesome!

Dani @ said...


Get it together!

Take a chill pill!

There is no need to apologize for not blogging for 3 seconds! Sheesh.

Relaaax, Enjoy your weekends.

Blogging should never be a chore or a burden or something you need to apologize for not doing.

Know that we miss you when you're gone but will be happy when you return.

Screw the guilt.

But ummm yeah you do sound pretty busy!!


Shawntae @ alittlekingandi said...

Yes just relax mama! I swear if I don't keep up with blogging for one day I miss everyones lifes. But we all have our own and you are doing a great job!

Take care pretty lady

Anonymous said...

That's it! I'm so done with you girl!
LOL not at all. We are always here. Life happens and of course family always comes first, and your responsibilities. Love you girl!

Kevin Michael said...

You started a church? Is it the Church of Boobies, because I already claimed that name for the church I'm going to start. ;-)

Token Yankee said...

We're all here, don't feel stressed out about blogging :).

Katie said...

I feel the same way right now but all my school work, working and trying to have a social life... I feel like a horrible blogger and I hardly have time to leave comments :(
Hope ur doing well!!

More Than Words said...

I totally understand about being too busy to blog! I am so there right now!!

But, I'm so proud of you getting plugged in to your new church, and also starting a bible study! What are you ladies studying right now?

Sarah said...

I feel your pain on the business but your doing a great job as a mama and blogger!!

Jen Wade said...

I don't know how people blog so much! I blog when I have new ideas and when I have stuff that I feel is blog worthy to blog about... but for me blogging is fun and if I get stressed out about "needing to post" something then it makes it not fun... ya know... but LIFE is busy and comes before the blog! You do a great job, keep it up!

sssdawna said...

enjoy yourself, stay sane! : )

Unknown said...

I think it will be ok if you miss out for a few days.. I don't think anyone is going anywhere and it will be one less thing off your list until you have time!! Just relax and take one thing at a time and breath lol

Anonymous said...

we all know, life happens! It's all good and no need for apologies. If people can't understand them... well... too bad! they can get glad in the same pants they got mad in or they can change them (that's what my dad always tells me)

Slyde said...

no, shes not a slacker at all....

she's actually one of the GOOD ones :)

Jillian said...

Don't apologize for life silly we all have things we need to do.

Thanks for your sweet comment today

give Aidyn big hugs!!!

Sammy said...


it's okay to disappear when life gets hectic.. we all know you love us :)

Elizabeth said...

I am feeling the sam way....crazy busy...cant keep up and cant find time for myself!!! You go girl!!! :-)