Wednesday, December 9, 2009


My step mom moved out a week ago. FINALLY. I'm not saying that I hate her, but i'm not saying that I don't. Lets just say she has had A LOT of not nice things to say about me. Most of them un-true. Every time I think about her and her children my blood boils. In fact I have dreams at night of us fighting. DREAMS! grr.. So with out saying, you can guess that I was relieved that she would be gone.

My dad seems to be doing really well. In fact he is better then ever. He is more relaxed, he is smiling more, and our home finally feels like a home. We have spent lots of time together lately, and for the first time in years it feels normal. No one is walking on egg shells, no one is getting angry or defensive. Its home again. My home :)!!!

This past weekend we did a room switch. My brother moved to my room, I moved to my dads room, and my dad moved to my brothers room. I felt like we were doing one of those puzzles that has the picture on the front. The one where the pieces dont come apart, you just have to move the pieces around. It was exhausting. It was worse then actually moving!

In the end the rooms turned out AH-MAZ-ING! My room is exactly how I want it! I love my longer balcony, the separate space for my art material, and having a separate bathroom. :) We are all so happy with the new arrangements!

To top it off, we are getting a dog. :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am saying this with the HUGEST smile on my face. When Aidyn was a baby our family dog passed away. I still miss her! She was apart of all of us, and all five of us children mourned her loss from all over the US. It has taken a few years, but I am ready to finally have another pet. So a few weeks ago we started the search.

Then I found HIM! Riley, is a long haired lab we found online at a local pet rescue. He is perfect! We called about him today, and filled out the application. They said if we bring the paperwork in on Saturday we can adopt him!!! I am so in love already! I can not wait to play with him, cuddle with him, and love him all up! It is going to be one of Aidyn Christmas surprises! Aidyn will be SO thrilled!!! I feel like i'm adopting a child! :) CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!!


Kit Kat said...

So glad to hear that things are looking really up! Aiyden will be so excited and cute when he sees the new dog :) take some pics!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Sounds like with the moving out and moving around at home, things are nice. :)
I am so happy you guys are getting a rescue dog!!!! Aidyn is going to enjoy having a pet, as well as the rest of you!!!!

Riahli said...

Yay, cute puppy! Love that you are adopting from a shelter. :) Hope it all works out this weekend...more pictures please!

Lori said...

Very cute. I hope thing work out to have him. Maybe some day I will be able to have another dog. :)

Brittney Galloway said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope things continue to be good in your home!