Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This is a little bit out of order, but I assume its better late then never. Rather... its a post about Iowa, so maybe never would be better the late. hmm... I'll post it anyways.

Aidyn (my screaming buddle of joy) and I drove four hours to Southern Minnesota and into Iowa last Wednesday evening. My philosophy was that we'd leave after I got off of work at seven o'clock. We didnt. We left after I procrastinated and packed everything, but the kitchen sink (i grabed germ x instead ;) ) and left an hour and a half late at 8:30 p.m. My son is ALWAYS sleeping by this time, since we determined he needs at least 12 hours of sleep a night if we are going to function. I though "no prob!" he'll sleep all the way there, and i'll get to sit and relax and enjoy the peace and quiet and good old minnesota public radio. Perfect evening to a stressful day. *sigh* not in the cards for this mama. My son, who usually rides well screamed at the tops of his lungs for 75% of the trip. I resorted to screaming on the top of my lungs. This stopped him from crying either because I A) scared the crap out of him B) shocked him and he didnt know what else to do... C) Was working up the strength to scream louder then me or D) had to catch his breath. I think it was a combo between C & D. For he kept on screaming...and screaming.. and screaming. Luckily when I broke into song and clapping it shut him up real fast. If you have yet to discover "The Laurie Berkner Band" I assume you do so STAT! They are the most creative, lively, and wonderful childrens band out there. My son loves their stuff. We sing and dance to their music at home, and apparently we've resorted to these measures of singing of dino's and victor vito in the car as well. Sure enough he was out 20 minutes before reaching our destination.

We hung out with some old friends from the Fairmont days. I paraded around my gorgeous little guy in and out of stores and places all of my old pals were so they could rant and rave about how "big he is" and "cute he is"... and I got to smile and play proud mama. He loves the attention, and I think his head is getting bigger and bigger...

Finaly on Friday we headed into Iowa, where "Baby's Daddy's" parents live. We went and showed Grandma S all of his new tricks, and Aidyn go so excited when Grandpa S stopped home to see him. He cuddled with both of them (his new thing..) and they ate it up. Its good to see how bonded he is with them. Usually I meet Grandma S and Great-Grandma S at our half point stop. (about two hours from my home), we have a quick meal and I catch them all up on Aidyns new routine-his likes and dislikes-and we let Aidyn burn off some energy before he has to sit in the car for another two hours. So I dont usually get to see Aidyn in their home environment. Not since before he was crawling. He really loves them, and that made my heart melt. I am so thankful for such a loving family, on both mine and "baby daddy's" family. Aidyn is so lucky, and so am I.

Aidyns Great Grandma S and I are rather close. She has the biggest heart, and the warmest smile. I dont think she could cook bad if she tried, and I tell her constantly that the reason her food is so good is that its made with a stick of butter and love. Thats the truth. I miss having her close by, and being able to stop over for supper (with home made apple sauce), or help her with her yard work. Well recently (I think i posted on this already..) she fell and broke her leg, so me and Aidyn man made the trip down to see her. It was so nice seeing her and when her eyes filled with tears, I thanked God we did. She gave me the biggest hug, and her smile got so huge when she seen Aidyn. (dont tell anyone, but I think he's her favorite ;)..) Aidyn gave her lots of kisses, told her about the ducks, and showed her "he he monkey" (which is his favorite toy for the last month!). We had a great time, and I vowed to visit at the end of the month. I have all my prayers include her. I hope all of you out there can include her in your prayers too!

Well even though the trip started out kind of rocky, it ended pretty smoothly... (or flat... (ha) for some iowa humor). It was nice spending a few days with Aidyn alone. Being able to go out to eat, go to the park, visit family and friends, and laugh A LOT... I need to start remembering to thank God for the little things.... :) and my little man more and more.

Below are some pics from the iowa trip : )

I think these pictures are pretty... the windmills, the fields and the perfect cloudy-blue sky.

(similar as above)

the road.. if you look off in the distance you can see where its raining in the distance!

Aidyn getting a ride from Grandpa S

Aidyn with his HE HE MONKEY :)

Grandpa S keeping Aidyn occupied :)

The reason we came down to Iowa! Sweet Great Grandma S and Aidyn... Gotta love it!