Thursday, May 15, 2008

SHOPPING SPREE!! *vulgarness is free!

Working hard... Got the taxes back! Shopping spree? I think so.

Well let me first state... credit cards are being paid off first! One step closer to being debt free WOOHOO!!! but what will I ever do with out free panty offers from victorias secret? sigh.. I guess I'll just have to start buying my own underwear.. or snatch up a hottie who can afford to buy me plain black thongs, and put ten dollars towards a matching bra, to match the offers that I got from good ol' VS. Goodbye credit cards... goodbye intrest... hello moolah in the bank!

So I've made a few splurges....

1) a super cute make up purse... (aka cheapie but q.t. from walmart..) I am in love with the brown-white-and pretty polka dots. Fits perfectly into my over grown purses, and holds all my beautifing products.. (what?! you thought I woke up looking this good?! errr.. ya I do.. i mean make up...? what?! ha!)

2) My super amazing.. lemon, bright green, and white purse. PERFECT FOR SUMMER. I love all the pockets for organization, since I cary a lot of crap with me. In tow: my planner, my camera, wallet, keys, misc crap, and of course my cell phone...

3) SPEAKING OF CELL PHONES... I finaly purchased a new phone. as much as I loved my Kyocera strobe.. I am excited to put that little beaut. to rest. Being as the flip, and text section is completely KAput... and my 3 (def) takes severe preasure to make it work....

SO... I decided it was time for an upgrade....... So i called up Alltel...only to talk to someone I couldnt understand.... Oh no, they werent for another country. I wasnt talking to jose' in mexico.. I was talking to Shaniqua in friggen italklikeimanurbanghettoqueen and thus... I couldnt understand shit. Except that I was going to be paying out my ass to get a new phone. My contract wasnt up until october, so I couldnt extended it and pay .99 cents for a new phone.. ohhhhhhhh no.. so.. instead the cheapest phone was 139..... I opted for this sexy little number below.. (just read the little info-ad alltel gave...) ($219)

"Stay in the loop. With the new LG Scoop™ from Alltel, you'll be the center of your social circle. This phone has a full QWERTY keyboard for fast and easy texting and a chat-style messaging interface. And with Yahoo! and AOL IM preloaded you'll never miss a message. If you still don't feel fully expressed, it's because you haven't chosen your phone color yet-which one is right for you?"

OHHH YES... YES I DO FEEL FULLY EXPRESSED! CUZ I CHOSE TEAL BITCHES... and with YAHOO preloaded...?! I think i've just cum!

Hope you enjoyed my spending spree.. i'm sure there'll be more, unless I decide to fill up my gas tank, than I'm affraid I'll have to declare bancrupcy, and shit... No Las vegas-topless vacation in my future. damn it.

**sorry for the vulgarness of this post.... but DAMN IT i'm a grown ass woman and I can cuss if I want to... no really. i'm sorry.**