Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sloppy, slumpy, poopy diapers.

Today, I woke up ten minutes after I was suppose to be at work. (surprise surprise!) Usually I wake up ten minutes before I am suppose to be at work, and can usually run like mad to get there. Not today. I made it to work by 7:21 a.m. Half asleep, and still in my hot pink sweats and Dickinson State sweatshirt. Not a very "sexy" match. (and I wonder why i'm single....) I perfomed my daily duties, forcing the angry green monster to lay low, and not explode. Lack of sleep, and the rush this morning, had me all sorts of frazzled.......

I maintained some sort of sanity at the house, and of course my co-worker had to leave at 7:30 (9 minutes after I got there) leaving me with the cleaning lists, having to pass meds, and get everyone out the door (in less then a half an hour) lucky..lucky me!

I came home, and flopped down on the couch. My mom said "Now would be a great time to clean your room." I gave her the 'dont mess with me' look, and she promptly turned back to the computer. I passed out on the couch, with all three kids climbing on me. After ten minutes of hearing my son screaming, and crying I picked him up and we went down for a nap. We woke up around 11 am and I felt a little bit better. Mom fed him, while i washed my hair. (ahhhh) and did some laundry. I threw on some different sweats (i think this is becoming a pattern :S) and ate some lunch.... Its then that I realized : A) I have plucked my eyebrows in weeks, and they are in dior need of a waxing... (note to self call salon today!) B) I havent worked out in close to a month.. i hadnt thought it had been that long.. but it has. GROSS! the thought alone made me slump lower into the couch! C) I have rediculously bad split ends. I played with the ends, realizing I really need to start takeing better care of me. D) My son was also in sweats the last two days....! UGH!!!!! How white trash is that?! ha ha ha

Then to top it off, my son had the grossest poopy diaper i've seen in weeks. It sent a shiver up my spine, and made me wish he really was potty trained. Reminder to me.. start early! After changing his diaper he still continued to cry, so i promptly brought his cute butt down for nap number two. I dont think he's fallen asleep yet, but I needed some space. His whiney-ness and my crabiness never mix well. So he can play with his "he he monkey" and I'll play with my keyboard...

Now onto what i'm going to do about my sloppy slumpy feeling like the pits.... ( A PLAN!!!)

So here is my "new week resolution"
1) Once again, try and ween my self from soda.
2) Start working out an hour and a half a day. (use my 45 dollar a month membership)
3) Start going back to church!!!! (its been a good year!)
4) Get my eyebrows waxed, and my hair cut.
5) Find a good hobby!

I think thats good enough for now... I promise you all that soon I will write something of substance like I used to on myspace... i've gotten kind of lazy, and this is more journal like then anything worthy of your time... Maybe that should go on my new week resolution as well..

6)give these people something good to read : )

well take care ya'll.... I'm off to group home number one, for my late night shift, and I want to stop by the video store and rent Veronica Mars season three... (ya i know... i'm obsessed...!)


Denis said...

Ah, Brittany! Always good for a laugh! I was gonna write you on Facebook and ask you how your goals were progressing, but I guess you answered my question before I asked it! Do I have to poke you with a sharp stick? LOL.

Okay, I'll excuse you this time. It sounds like you've been a bit busy.

Take care!