Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A scratch scratch here.. a scratch scratch there...

Picture this.....

I'm sitting in the middle of PIA training for my work. Its a class to teach you how to diffuse a high stress/violent situation.... were going around in a circle reading from a work book... my eye is twitch from pure boredom and lack of sleep. All of a sudden my knee starts to itch. I try to scratch it with my finger. cant quite get it. Scratched it with the backside of my pen.. ahhh much better.. Now my ankle is starting to itch, and my other knee. Oh my god my foot... the girl to my right gives me a look. I readjust on the couch, for the hundredth time. This goes on for a good half hour. Finally out of pure torture, and to get away from the glaring girl to my right, i excuse myself to go to the bathroom. I pull down my pants, and to my surprise.. all over my legs are welts... big huge bumps.. My legs are red.. and on fire. I cant stop scratching them, but they are burning from being scratched raw. I quickly call my instructor to the corner (after leaving the bathroom and pulling up my pants of course...) she sent me home. I scratched the entire way home. I stopped in the clinic..they told me to wait. I waited. Fifteen minutes later they told me they couldn't see me until 12:15 p.m. It was 10:00 a.m. YA RIGHT! I wasn't going to make it. So i hopped back in my work van and drove one mile over the speed limit. No way was I going to get a ticket.. but my pant legs were rolled up and i was scratching a million mph. I finally made it to work, where the ladies there promptly told me it was an allergic reaction. BUT TO WHAT?! I hadn't changed detergent, I hadn't worn something new, I hadn't eaten anything new... Ugh! I went home to dig through our med cabinet. No benadryl... but SCORE.. children's benadryl. I chewed up two grape ones.. An hour later I felt like I was going to pass out. How could i forget that benadryl makes me sleepy. I soaked in an Aveno bath.. which stopped the itching, and an hour later, I was much more relaxed. *phew!* I hope it doesn't come back.. whatever it was.

My mom brought Aidyn to the doctor today. It turns out not only does he have pink eye (which was obvious) he also has a double ear infection. This morning I had to straddle him, holding his arms down to his side while I lay a warm wash cloth on his eyes. Just to get them to open. I had to peel away the chucks of goo.. it was awful. it didn't even bother me to do it, just his cries. They break my heart. I love my little "boog" so much, and I hate seeing him in pain. I wish I could take that away from him. I (knock on wood) have yet to catch it. Thanks to germ x and a ton of hand washing. Sadly my niece and nephew fell victim. my nephew is doing all right, and his dark complexion may be what saved him. My niece, the pale little thing, got it hardcore. She now has to go to the hospital every day for the next three days to get an iv. She is doing okay, but looks pretty rough. She's laying in bed with g-ma and g-pa right now, so she's a happy camper :)

Lets just say, our house should definitely be quarantined.... I hope aidyn gets better, and I'm looking forward to shipping him off to his dads. I need some sleep after all these restless sick nights, and I want him to get out while he still can. (yikes.) I know his grandma and grandpa schmitt and his daddy will take good care of him. They are health freaks.. :) I thank them for whatever knowledge I have on medical matters. (and the reason my son isn't vaccinated!!!) But my mom is an angel, and she has done so much for aidyn. I am thankful for her every day. I hope she knows it, and if not I hope she reads this blog :)

Keep my family in your prayers.... We'll pull out of this..were troopers. But for now, its lots of cuddling, nick jr, anti-biotic (yuck), juice, and tears. If you want a week off of work, come and visit :)