Thursday, March 13, 2008

100 things

100 things you might not know about me.

1) I grew up in a small town
2) I was home schooled until I was in sixth grade
3) I wanted to grow up to be a mechanic when I was little.
4) Then a cop...
5) I turned out to be neither
6) My favorite colors to WEAR are brown and black and off white
7) My favorite colors that make me happy are red, yellow, and green
8) My favorite flower is an orchid, or a daisy
9) I've moved almost 20 times (i lost track)
10) I'v lived in three different states- four if you count staying with my dad in fl for a month
11) I have two brothers, two sisters, two step sisters and three step brothers
12) I love pasta
13) I'm addicted to reality tv
14) I had a gorgeous little boy on april 3rd
15) My middle name starts with a D
16) I played basketball tennis and softball in high school
17) Then quit to be in Drama
18) I was totaly into FCCLA
19) I want to go sky diving
20) I've only gotten one ticket in my life.. and the cop was a douche (fighting it april 1st)
21) I have two nieces and a nephew
22) My first real kiss was in seventh grade
23) The first guy I ever "loved" was named eric
24) I love to fish.. and hike... and camp
25) I almost cried when Jason Bartlett got traded. (he's so hot..)
26) I like black nail polish
27) My favorite restaurant is Panera bread
28) I love american idol
29) and project runway
30) and chelsea lately
31) and law n order
32) and david letterman (in that order)
33) I love all types of music.. and i'm not just saying that
34) I want to get married in the fall outside in a state park
35) I'm addicted to blogging
36) My best friends are heather and twyla
37) If I had to be an animal I'd be a dog...
38) My favorite dogs are Wiemar reimers
39) I'm scared of llamas...
40) I was voted "drama queen" in high school
41) I'm really close with my aunt kathy, she is one of my favoritest people in the world
42) I have a tattoo on my foot
43) its an orange orchid..
44) My favorite seasons are spring and fall
45) My favorite places to shop are Victoria's secret and express
46) I want to be a children's author
47) I wrote a children's book about teeth
48) I was engaged once
49) I ran into a fuel pump once... and dented my car, and the fuel pump
50) I've peed my pants five times since I was in seventh grade and up... in public (why did i admit that?
51) I'm 5;2
52) I have brown eyes
53) I love corona
54) with lemon and lime
55) I like plain cheese pizza
56) I don't collect anything
57) I love my job
58) I went to an art school right after high school
59) I won the "prudential spirit award" in high school.. (ha ha.. i sound awesome)
60) I'm a christian
61) I love taking pictures
62) I love being in pictures
63) I sleep with my "blankie" which is a big quilt, but i bring it with me EVERYWHERE
64) I drink from the carton
65) I love getting letters and cards in the mail
66) I'm addicted to myspace..
67) and facebook
68) I've facebook stalked-myspace stalked my ex's to see how hot there new g/f's are
69) I like working out
70) A tv fell on my head once.. i had to get stitches
71) I sing in the shower...
72) and in the car
73) I hate onions
74) I subscribe to ESPN the magazine
75) I love to draw
76) I also love to color in coloring books
77) I love old movies
78) I hate my legs
79) I love my lips and my eyes
80) I am a total twins fan
81) I enjoy going to concerts..
82) I'm scared of spiders and bugs
83) bats and birds freak me out
84) My favorite smell is the rain.. and fresh cut grass
85) I love a good smell cologne, and it drives me crazy when guys smell good
86) My favorite physical attribute on the opposite sex is a jaw line, smile, eyes, and but
87) I played the piano when I was younger, now I can only play peter piper pumpkin eater.
88) I've smoked .. when I've drank... not a fan
89) I love Disney movies
90) I download music of the Internet....illegally
91) I read most of my news online
92) I cry while watching reality tv...
93) I hate when girls cry when they drink
94) I love david grey his voice is sexy
95) Dermot Mulroney is my celeb crush
96) I went body surfing to relient k
97) I scream and cover my eyes during 90% of horror movies, but still love to watch them
98) I like catchup on my eggs and potatoes
99) I am kinda pathetic for spending time doing this.... ha ha
100) I bet theres more but now that I'm to 100.. well I just sorta give up :)