Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another long day....

To be completely frank with you, I have no clue what this blog wil lbe about. Being as its about 12:23 a.m. I cant be held accountable for what I say on this blog. (ha) So here I am after a long day of babies with pink eye (my son, my niece, and my nephew) and then an eight hour at work... I am to say the least exhausted. On a brighter note.......
I got to watch american idol... something about cute boys with amazing voices.. does something to cheer a girl up. Especialy a single mother who doesnt get out much. :) I am completely in love with the davids.... all three of them. Gorgeous. yum yum yum :) I sound like a desperate housewife.. minus the wife part. But hey, the real house wifes of orange county/new york.. arent all married.. Which is wierd that they'd be on the show that has "house wives" in it.. meh! The single girls are my favorite anyways. They are the most normal and down to earth. As you can see from reading my blogs.. i'm a total reality show junky. But arent all bloggers? I mean its obvious that bloggers are obsessed with other blogs, which is just another forum for reality tv.... anyways.. so there you have it, I admit it, and i'm pretty sure there should be a support group. Although I think they'd make a tv show about it, and we'd all relapse.. and then there'd be a season two.. and they are never as good as the first..and it would be a total mess. ugh.
I think i might have a.d.d.
So today in minnesota.. it was a gorgeous day. After many months of being in or around the zero degree mark, it was like heaven to be in the 40's. The sunshine, the fresh air, the melting snow. It was amazing. I just wanted to go for a long walk. Takeing it all in, dreaming about spring. Sadly, my time spent outside was the amount of time it took me to walk from my car to work. All and all it was a wonderful 10 seconds :) I hope to get a bit more time outside tomarrow. On a sad note, I did step into a mud puddle while exiting my car. I was the dumb one who thought wearing my gym shoes was smart. They were the first shoes I could find in the closet, and I grabbed and left. So now I have brown mushy mud dried all over them. I'm sure my gym will love that tomarrow. Oh well. The fact that it was warm enough outside to create mud puddles, is worth the effort it will take to wash my shoes. :)
Speaking of spring, I am so excited to be able to take my "little man" outside. I cant wait to go to the park, to the lake, to the sand box.... I know he's going to love it. He freaks out when we walk from the house to the car. Which is about the extent of the time we've spent outside for the last four months. (minus playing in the snow for 20 min 2x this winter) So if he's anything like his father and me, he'll want to spend most of his time outdoors. I hope my summer isnt as busy as my winter... But who doesnt have time for the lake. I'm sure i'll be able to squeeze it in!
Well its off to dreamland for this little mama... I think i'll dream of spring... Big sunshine... tweeting birds... playing in the park with aidyn... and meeting.. a gorgeous single father who's successful, a good dad, handsome.. tall ....uhhhh i'll just stop there. Enjoy the weather everyone :) Happy almost spring!