Saturday, September 15, 2012

Aidyn update

There are more changes then can fit in one blog post, so I figured I'd break them down into several posts. :) First and foremost, I will start with my little mister!

I left you all hanging after the bad news we got a few months ago! Sorry about that! Luckily I have good news to report! (at least so far!)

As a refresher, Aidyn was seen at the clinic this past winter with stomach pains. When x-rayed they noticed that Aidyn had a small mass in his liver. Doctors at our small town clinic prepared us for the worst, and gave us several ideas of what it could be. Leaning more towards liver cancer.

I was DEVASTATED! How could this be!? We got on the phone, and called several different hospitals. Originally we had wanted to go with the Mayo in Rochester, Minnesota, but when we talked to them it would be several months before we could get him in. So we turned to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital. They got us in right away, and were very helpful.

They did see the mass in his liver, but after several different scans and an ultra sound, they have decided to leave it be. It isn't causing him anymore pain, and its not disturbing anything in his body. He will however need to have regular ultrasounds (about every 6 months) to make sure it doesn't grow. From what I gather it could cause more pain then its worth to remove it, so for now they just plan to monitor it.

Thank you Jesus!!!! :)

I am so blessed to have a happy and healthy little boy! He is the light of my life, and honestly what gets me through all the challenges I have been facing! I am so proud of him, and so excited for everything he is going to do in this great big world! No matter what the future holds, at least I know we'll be facing it together! :)
We thank you for all your prayers and kind words, and we will keep you posted about all his future medical checks! :)


Tylaine said...

I'm so happy for you that your little guy is ok. Having a little man of my own about the same age helps me to realize what you must have gone through. I can't imagine if anything happened to Ethan. I'm very happy for you and Aidyn and congratulations on your coming bundle of joy!