Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I wear purple again today...

I wear purple again today.
The headlines splashed across the news.
This time it hits too close to home.
A neighboring community.
Ignorance at its finest.
Hearts broken.
Tears shed.
A young life ended too soon.
When will it end?
When will we see..
that words DO hurt.
That a blind eye and a silent voice is just as bad.
That this NEVER had to happen.
So I wear purple again today.
To support this young life
and all those that share his pain!

Lace Lundsten committed suicide in a neighboring community this past weekend. I did not have the privellage of knowing this young man, but I know the community well. Lance was a openly gay teenager and in a community such as mine, I don't doubt that this caused him to be a target for bullying and abuse. My thoughs and prayers are with the community, friends and family of Lance Lundsten as they cope with the loss of this brave young man. I pray that Gods grace and love surround them as they cope with the loss of this beautiful young man. May we use this tragedy to become a better community and to realize how our actions and lack of action effects others.


Jillian said...

My thoughts and prayers are with his famikly as well. It is a shame, the lenghts some people feel they have to go to just to find peace and acceptance.

lindsey said...

This is so terrible...and it has got to stop. I'll be praying for his family... :(

Amber said...

So terribly sad :( Praying for them. i did read a recent (as in the last 15 minutE0 news release that said it was from cardiac edema, so let us all hope that bullying wasn't a part of this. not any easier for the family no matter how you look at it. Prayers!

Jeska said...

Awful :( So sad.

Elizabeth said...

This is SO sad!!! Praying! Come over and sign up for my book club! I know you will enjoy it!!

Rebecca said...

that is so sad my preyers and thoughts go out to his family

Annie said...

how sad!! :( i ill be praying for his family.

Rebekah said...

This is just so sad.

More Than Words said...

Very sad news...

Kelly said...

This is so sad. As a high school teacher it pains me to see the examples of bullying that are rampant among teenagers now. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Tanya said...

I wore purple monday.. - feel like our small towns have a much more difficult time accepting people for who they are. Let's hope this makes people realize their actions have consequences.. :(

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Rachel said...

I am praying for his family. That is so sad. I really, really, really hate bullying, for whatever reason. My heart breaks when I hear about it.

Slyde said...

horrible.. just horrible

Blogs said...

what the hell is this boycott american women shit...i'll plaster his ass! this is sad! ughhh

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