Friday, September 10, 2010

Brittany Tells all :)

I am here today to answer a few of your questions :) Check em out:

What is your most embarrassing moment?

I don't get embarrassed easily. In fact the most "embarrassing" moments I usually tell at parties. I am sort of a loud mouth, and everyone knows my stories. Even if they are TMI. I'd say the one time my cheeks flushed was during my philosophy class at Dickinson State University. Its a small state college in North Dakota. I was sitting at my desk during a lecture when my phone goes off. Not just any ring, but "I'm a Barbie girl...." starts playing loudly. I wanted to pretend it wasn't me, but it was quite obvious. As I fumbled with my phone to shut it off, my professor went off on a lecture of how THIS is whats wrong with YOUR generation. I was mortified! I made sure my phone was on silent or left in my dorm from that point on!

When you were younger what did you want to be when you grew up?

It changed a few times. When I was really young I wanted to be a Nascar driver. I was obsessed with Jeff Gordon. I also wanted to be a mechanic. I blame that on the fact that my dad owned a "junk yard"/ car dealership for a short time during my youth.

In high school I wanted to be a police officer or a criminal psychologist.

By the end of my senior year I wanted to get into Advertisement.

By the end of my second semester, I wanted to be an elementary teacher.

Now? I dont know!

What is your “perfect man”?

This has also changed quite a few times. I guess now I don't even know what I want, but a few of the qualities I wont budge on are:

.Family man. How you treat the people you come from, shows me a lot about how you'll treat me.

. Faith. I am not at my strongest with my relationship with God, but I could never be with anyone who wasn't a Christian. Its not that I don't respect other religions, I just know that its tough raising children with split religions.

. Active. I need someone who wants to try new things and to have fun. I am very social and need a guy who is the same way. Of course they dont have to be as loud as me, but I'd like someone who could at least handle it :)

.Good with kids/Good role model. Thats pretty self explanatory. I need someone who will love Aidyn! He is my numero uno!

. Funny. I need someone who can make me laugh. Whether it be goofy or sarcastic. Someone who makes me laugh gets mucho bonus points in my book!

There are more, but you weren't asking for a novel!

Favorite food?

This changes with my mood.. but I love PASTA! I think I would claim that as my favorite food, because of the variety. I just wish pasta loved me! damn carbs

Favorite perfume?

THIS is easy! Marc Jacobs Daisy! I am OBSESSED! My bottle is almost empty, anyone want to buy me another bottle?

Favorite memory?

I have several. The day my son was born. Taking Aidyn to his first baseball game. Playing with him in the ocean. Fishing with my dad, and pointing out pictures of clouds. Giggling with my mom and sisters. ahhh.. :) I have plenty. Thats how I know I am blessed!

Favorite holiday?

St.Patricks day! Because I love drinking green beer!

Thanksgiving! Because I love good food! mmm!

Christmas! Because I love watching Aidyn getting excited! and I LOVE giving presents!

Halloween! Because I love dressing up! :)

Sorry I couldn't pick one! :) Have you picked up a pattern?

Favorite tvshow/movie

top 5:
1. Teen Mom
2. Parenthood
3. Criminal Minds
4. Secret life of the American Teenager
5. Chelsea Lately


1. Pretty Woman
2. Boon Dock Saints
3. Step Brothers
4. The Hangover
5. Juno

Thanks for all the questions! Keep em coming, and some day in the future I'll answer more! I don't typically do the Q&A or survey thing, but its been kind of fun this week! :) I hope you all have a great weekend, and per usual, I can't wait to read all about it!



Unknown said...

Good answers :) I like the q&a thing, I might have to steal this idea from you.

Mama said...

That was fun!

Have a good weekend!

Blogs said...

I'll have to try that perfume...haven't yet!:) sounds delish! and i love to smell good....i don't embarrass easy either...i guess it's a confident thing:) love your lists as always!

wish we could watch those shows together:)

Anonymous said...

I want to try that perfume too.
Love the barbie girl ringtone. I'd have died too girl! LOL
You are the best mom. Aidyn's so lucky to have you.

Aimee said...

Great answers. I love how you answered every question with 5 responses haha. We have the same tastes in movies. Thats so cool. Those are definietly in my top 20.

And one day your "perfect man" will come

Sarah said...

How fun!!

Have a wonderful weekend, lovely!

Jennifer B said...

When I was younger, I wanted to bone Davey Allison.

Sammy said...

I love that we have the same taste in shows & movies!

I'm so excited for Parenthood to be back next week!! :)

Kevin Michael said...

For perfect man I thought you were just going to link to my blog. Lol!!