Friday, August 6, 2010

Why I wont make a good wife:


I could live in sweatpants! Okay-okay I don't wear them out of the house... BUT...

I wear them all day every day if I am staying home..

Okay-okay some times I wear them out of the house.. I wont lie... Usually on late night Walmart runs.. DON'T hate!



I frickin hate to shave my legs.

I DO shave my legs...


If its winter, and I don't have a man........
We wont even go there!


I eat in bed..

There may or may not be crumbs occasionally. (leaning more towards may..)

It drove a certain ex NUTSO!

P.s. I do NOT look that hot eating in bed.. If I did.. I may make a GREAT wife :)


I love clean clothes, but suck at doing laundry!

I'll wash and dry, but I am terrible at putting away!

Is anyone else bad at this?

I'd be perfectly okay living out of laundry baskets.. or worse....

The dryer! :)


I can make SOME foods. Like spaghetti, breakfast burritos, and toast.. but I don't think I'll ever be able to cook Thanksgiving Dinner!

Good thing my mom rocks, and I can pray for a MIL who can cook as well!

So what ya say boys? Any takers?

I sounds SUPER hot now, dontchya think?


Courtney said...

My boyfriend is REALLY bad at laundry! Haha! He does it, but then leaves it in the dryer! HAHA! Or the baskets, but usually the dryer. And if we're going somewhere, he forgets that his clothes are still in the dryer so he has to turn the dryer on for 5 minutes to get the wrinkles out, thus making us late. Haha!

Shelley said...

I hear ya, girl! I hate shaving my legs but luckily I only need to do it once a week or so since I have blonde hair :-)

Cooking...something I need to get better at when I don't have work as an excuse anymore!

Who's anyone kidding?! EVERY woman loves a good pair of comfy sweatpants!

Jess Craig said...

this sounds like me.

i wear sweat pants.
i never shave regularly.
i DON'T cook for my husband (just for myself and wyatt).

Anonymous said...

Ha! We are just alike! I love sweat pants (never wear them in public either) I hate shaving my legs. Ugh! It's such a pain. I hate laundry, I can't cook, and I love meals in bed while watching tv.

Rebekah said...

I hate putting away laundry. It's awful. It's more of the folding. I just don't like it. Since being married, I cook so much! I cook almost every single night. I hated cooking before I got married, but I live with a man who lives to eat! Food is his life. Ha, so I changed my outlook!

Cecily said...

I bet most of those things would go unnoticed by the average man. If you only KNEW how often my husband and I have a hamper full of clean, unfolded clothes up in our room while the laundry piles up somewhere else...

Debbie said...

other then sweat pants...( I live in long skirts..) we match on ALL the other numbers!!:) not sure what that says about us..but I say you rock!!:)

Nicole said...

Ugh shaving legs such a hassle! The BF better deal! lol All those things are completely lovable =D

Unknown said...

Well, I am a wife and I am guilty of the sweat pants thing for sure. I also eat in bed but I am really good about laundry/cleaning so maybe it balances out? :)

Token Yankee said...

Haha, I so agree with #4. Once you find the right go, you will want to do those things a little more haha.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so funny, I love this side of you.:)
FYI, I did not cook Thanksgiving until I was 29, and I NOW ROCK at it. Forizzle.
You can too.

Riahli said...

I almost always wear sweat pants or stretchy pants as I call them, loath shaving my legs, and HATE doing and putting away laundry...but I make one dang good wife if I do say so's all in the way you look at it. I'm just good at other stuff. ;)

LovelyBee said...

Lol you're my kinda gal; sweat pants and hairy legs! I don't know if its weird but my bf actually likes hairy legs; whenever I tell him I'm shaving my legs, he always whines. So now I don't as much as I used to and frankly, it's a relief because I hate that stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ummm I agree with all of the above. I guess I'll join the "why I'll make a bad wife" club!

Katie said...

I love living in sweat pants too but Im a girly girl and love getting dressed up lol!!! But im with ya Im a sweat pant lover!! I HATE shaving too!! Ill shave my legs today and tomorrow they are all sprickly and I freakin have to shave again! In the winter I shave like once a week or once every two weeks bc I have a bf I dont want to let myself go too much lol!!!
I can't really cook too much either
Funny post!!

Anonymous said...

secret... I'm lazy with shaving my legs too :). I shave them once a week during the summer and um... maybe once a month in the winter...but shhhh don't tell anyone :)

jules said...

I'm not good at shaving my legs and all bets are off in the winter time with me too!

Kevin Michael said...

1. Sweatpants can be sexy...especially Victoria's Secret ones.

2. But if you DO have a man you shave right? And as long as *ahem* OTHER regions stay clean-shaven, the legs can get a pass once in a while.

3. Most people eat in bed. I'm guilty of it, but it's really easy to just shake off the sheet before laying down to sleep. =)

4. Gotta put them away, or hire a cleaning lady who does laundry. =)

5. Ooh, no bueno. Spend more time with your mom and pick up some of those good recipes! ;-)