Friday, August 6, 2010

Why I WOULD make a good wife:

There is a flipside to every coin. Heres mine:

I like sports :)

I won't bug you to turn off the game.

As long as you like my teams. If you don't.. well expect to sleep on the couch until AFTER baseball season.

Joe/Justin/Nick came before you!


I can drink a beer like its no body's biDness! ;)

Blame it on my semester in North Dakota, but I can tip back a few. I will also keep the fridge stocked.

Maybe after a few you wont realize I haven't shaved my legs? ;)


I don't mind if you leaves the toilet seat up..

as long as you cleans it :)

I kid.. I kid...

If I'm not doing the laundry, then I will have plenty of time to clean toilets. Or produce children to clean the toilets.

I think the second option sounds A LOT smarter. Is that why my Mama had five of us? (kidding ma!)


I HATE nick-nacks or potpori.
(I apologize if you do... to each their own!)

In fact the less things to dust or stink up the place the better!

This also goes back to my lack of cleaning, huh?

Okay I am not a terrible house keeper... I'd just prefer to not HAVE to do it.

Maybe we need a maid! Or wait.. the kids. I forgot about the kids...


I'm fertile!

I make terribly cute kids. (or kid..singular.) Kids that love their mommy and who I am positive will make great toilet cleaners, dishwashers, dusters, and vacuumers.. and if you're really lucky lawn mowers. :)

Think this makes up for everything else?

I think so, too! :)

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Jennifer B said...

I could definitely apply 1-4 for why I would make a good housewife. Maybe I will show my boyfriend so he can marry me and we can work on number 5. Ok, maybe that'll actually be a very bad idea....

Anonymous said...

I love sports too! I love soccer and basketball; I watch it every season.

I don't know yet if I'm fertile but heck, I'd make cute babies :)

I hate the toilet seat left up though but I agree with you that you'd make a wonderful wifey. The guy who lands you and Aiden will be one lucky SOB. I don't know if I can swear on your blog so .... ;)

This is Ayan from Bee's Diaries. I can't login into my account long story but I'm still giving my 2 cents :)

Bree said...

I'm definitely the opposite of you 1 through 4 haha and #5, well I'm not sure on that one yet lol

Blogs said...

oh your def. gonna be a good wifey:) love this:) I on the other hand am blessed to have so many girls in the house..if there were anymore boys who splattered their piss all over the place...i'da done committed suicide.

Unknown said...

Okay, I'm sold. You can be my wife ;)

Rebekah said...

I'm not a fan of nick nacky stuff. I don't like clutter!

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so funny.
I also don't like knick knacks, too much cleaning. :)

Truly His said...

Cute post! I love sports too and Ike has always loved that!

Renee said...

In my house, I'm the bigger sports fan. DJ won't watch football with me because I get a little, shall we say, vocal. Tee hee!

Nicole said...

Love sports hate beer WILL NOT clean lol

V said...

If only I were man....... Brittany please stop being so damn funny. LOL

Kevin Michael said...

1. HUGE plus! The Twins aren't a rival team of mine (I'm a Dodger fan and I love Joe Mauer) so no biggie. =)

2. Gotta love a girl who loves beer. Although, you gotta keep the fridge stocked with the good stuff (Sam Adams, Guiness, Arrogant Bastard).

3. Again, just hiring a cleaning lady will suffice.

4. Refer to #3.

5. I don't know about this one. Cute kids are good, but kids in general take up valuable travel, PS3 and Tv time. Lol!

Bottom line, i'm sure you're an awesome catch!

He & Me + 3 said...

You are too funny.

nanner said...

OMG...I need this on my dating site.