Monday, August 23, 2010

Its really over... well... for now!

I said it before.....

Why don't I listen to myself!?!

Online dating officially SUCKS.


Because I had another date.

With another "great" guy.

Who wasn't so great.

Wan't the d/l?

Of course you do.

You feel better about yourself when you hear about my dowdy love life.

We talked for a few weeks.

He was very "lovey dovey" .

It weirded me out..

but it was kind of sweet.

When he said "you heart me" before we even met...

it should have been a sign.

I met him in the next town over, so I could do some shopping before hand.

We met in the Target parking lot.

(I love Target..)

He started complaining about having to drive a rental car as opposed to his "stang" right of the bat.

He said and I quote "I'm too sexy for this car."

umm.. okay.

He was attractive.. but not overly attractive.

He had skinny arms, and tiny hands.

His nose looked like Michael Jacksons (RIP).

I talked.

He complained.

He complained about the town.

He complained that there was no Applebees.

Who the hell cares about Applebees?

When I finally suggested a restaurant he said that it looked like a place old people go to.

It SO wasn't.

We went in.

He said "I'm crabby.. but not towards you!"

He went in for a hug.

I sideways hugged him.

Then I went to check baseball scores.

I wanted to watch the game.

He doesn't like baseball.

(another sign!)

So I listened to him bitch instead.

He complained that he hadn't eaten since noon.


That was lunch.

This is supper.

Most people survive not eating between lunch and supper.

He complained that the food took too long.

He complained that they forgot his mustard.

He complained that it took too long to get the bill.

He asked me to pay half.

I was MORE then okay to pay half.

He complained when he THOUGHT it took too long to come back.

He complained.

He complained.

He complained.

OHHH and he texted... OUR ENTIRE MEAL!

Then he asked what there was to do in our town.

I suggested we just go our separate ways.

He dropped me off at my vehicle.

I got out with out a hug, or a see you later.

I knew for a fact, I would never see him again.

OHHH and he littered!

I do not date litter-ers!

I deleted my online account.

I'm staying single forever!


asj said...

bahahaha... you're hilarious.

EW to skinny arms and MJ nose and guys who think they're "too sexy" for rental cars!

trust me, these guys are good laughs and keeping you busy til mr. right comes along!

Miss Chelsea said...

hah WOW don't think you're missing out on anything by never seeing him again!!

Brittany said...

Haha - Wow - What a lame guy! I don't think you should give up though :) Keep on trying!

danielle said...

hahahaha oh britt! i'm sorry about the date, but you tell it so funn-ily! :) a dude who doesn't like baseball..not worth the time. hey, i'm giving you a lot of credit for making an effort. i'm proud of you for that. most husbands don't appear on one's doorstep. :)

Renee said...

I support not dating litterers!!

Don't feel down. You are wwwwaaayyyyyy too good for these people. Lol!

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong of me to say that I enjoy your horrible dates? I'm sorry, I'm sure it's wrong lol, but I love hearing about it. You crack me up. I hate complainers! It's really annoying. Don't give up yet! Just go on a few more bad dates, write a book about it for your fans to read, then Mr. Perfect will show up. =]

Jennifer B said...

You should have said, "Applebees??? More like CRAPplebees!!"

Rebekah said...

Oh my goodness. I'm sorry it went so bad. It made for a hilarious story though! He does not sound like a keeper!

Amber said...

Oh Brittany, you CRACK me UP!!! HA! Okay so that's funny--well not funny that you snuffed out an obvious idiot, but funny how you told that story! The online dating boys obviously can't handle Miss Brittany :) I'm glad you parted ways without wasting anymore of your time. Oh and I totally have a mental picture of this guy. I wish you had a picture to post to see if I'm anywhere close to right, but I presume it didn't get to photo status :) Thanks for sharing!

Shawntae @ alittlekingandi said...

I hate applebees i'm never pleased when I go there and I don't know anyone who really really likes Applebees. He sounds like a dumb ass. I did online dating for awhile before James and we kind of sort of dated on line as well. It can work you just have to keep trying. :)

p.s I hate litterers too

Busy Bee Suz said...

ewwwww....he sounds like a creeper.
'stang? he sounds skeevy.
I am glad you walked away from this one...
Ummmm...stop looking on line for a while Brittany, and one will possibly land on your doorstep. And hopefully he won't be too sexy for his car. :)

Aimee said...

Im going to agree wity Suz above me. stop looking and one will fall in your lap... Short story of how kevin and I got together. I was hosting an anti v-day party and he was at a mutual friends "Single Party". At one point in the night the parties basically combined and I met Kevin that night (we had mutual friends and chatted once or twice before on facebook). Well that night things happened and that was the beginning of us. Needless to say I was at a stage in my life where I was very anti-boys and relationships...go figure

You are way too cute and sweet to be single forever.

I loved your recap of the night. Damn complainer. He seems very lame.

Syndal said...

hahah aw you poor thing! I did the online dating thing took me a while but I found a keeper! it'll happen when it happens girl!

Sammy said...

Your recaps of date mishaps are so funny! :) At least you have stories to laugh about now. And that guy sounds terrible. Maybe you should try speed dating I had a friend from college that was successful with that, she said that it was entertaining. lol

jules said...

WOW. OMG wow. You so deserve a wild night out with the girls after that. What a complainer. I feel like I may have gotten up in the middle of dinner and just not come back. Maybe you should send him an email stating why it went so wrong. Though he probably is not one to take constructive criticism well. I'm glad to hear you do have a sense of humor about it all still!

Cecily said...

Girl, your posts are hilarious. So sorry the online dating sucks so bad. Been there done that (a long time ago). Just enjoy being single while you can and just get involved with things that you like to do and you'll meet Mr. Right when the time is right. I promise.


Blogs said...

Good Gawd! I think we should can move in and we'll go eat at Chilli's...fuck applebees....haha

Brae said...

haha, girl your something else!

I HATE complainers and you must have been miserable! Someone who texts the entire dinner is just RUDE!

Enjoy the single life and make a guy come to you! Don't go out looking for him!

Anonymous said...

It's been my luck, when you are least likely looking, that's when you find... but I'm not sure that is right for everyone. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

geez I thought I was boring..but this guy makes me look like I'm at least a tiny bit interesting...I have nothing against Applebee's but it is a place that doesn't come to mind for a first date.

Mama said...

I love Applebees!

Oh, but I'm sooo sorry your first "date" was a bust. You're too good for him anyway!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

This guy sounds like a complete loser! I'm glad you will never be seeing him again. Like the poster said above me, you're way too good for him!! Keep your chin up, you'll meet someone that will appreciate you the way you deserve!

Unknown said...

Good Lord. What a douche-canoe. I'm glad you can keep a sense of humor though! :)

Venassa said...

He sounds like such a pain. I know a girl we should hook him up with. She whine, whine, whines. They could make the most crabby couple in the world.

Shelley said...

Lol wow he sounds like a real winner! Good for you for cutting it short.

jill said...

you poor thing. i hate only a few things. blow drying my hair. pumping gas. and DATING! well, until you find one that you actually like that is. but getting there is sooo annoying! i hate it, hate it, hate it!!! i hope you have better luck next time. you are adorable as ever and i can tell you are so funny and sweet and i dont even know you! you'll find the one when the time is right! :)

Token Yankee said...

I am sorry he was a dud, but this post did make me laugh. A MJ nose?

Katie said...

awww hahaha Brittany you type the funniest posts! I'm sorry your date was such a lame assI'm sure you wont be single forever!!! Your so pretty,kind, and sweet! What website were you on?? Maybe you should try a different site??
Get thru the frogs and your prince will come along!!

Ps- I just want to say you are such an awesome bloggy friend. You always leave the sweetest comments and make me smile :) Im glad you found my blog!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

He complained that there was no APPLEBEE'S!?! Of all the restaurants and that's the one he's upset about? WoW. I don't even know what to say. What a loser!

And we totally need to do another get together and you definitely better be there!

ag. said...

i love this post (sorry it's at your expense!)
what a terrible date...i am sure you will not be single forever (unless you REALLY want to be) but it seems as though a lot of crazies tend to pray on sweet single gals on these online dating sites, my best friend had her fair share of stories similar to yours!
i could never date someone who complains so much, ugh!

Another David said...

Brit, online dating sucks. This is a pretty well-established fact. How did none of his negative qualities this come out beforehand?