Friday, June 18, 2010

Vaca trip Wed-Sat!!! :)

Most of you already looked at my pictures, so I feel like you know a little bit about my trip already. But I'll give you a brief synopsis of our time in FL..

*** For some reason I can't get this to format correctly! IN FACT! I have tried for over an hour.. so bare with me!!!***

So here it is...

We arrived in FL late Wednesday after a 22 hour drive. Aidyn was a saint, and took lots of cute pictures like this all the way down!:
we all headed to the school I taught at. I was given lots and lots of hugs and kisses. My heart was filled to the brim, and to top it off I got to watch them rehearse for their Graduation day performance!
Afterward we went to one of my favorite restaurants for spinach and artichoke dip and yummy entrees.
Then I did some shopping, while BD let Aidyn play in the play place! It was so nice trying on clothes without a 3 year old clinging to me!
That evening Aidyn left for Ft. L with my brother, and BD went to Tampa to see his friend. I got to relax by the pool, and go to sleep early! :)

I slept in then had lunch with my handsome male pal J.
Then he dropped me off at my school so I could spend time with all my kiddos! It was so fun being able to jump back in there! I even remembered who liked juice, and who didn't. Who was allergic to milk, and all sorts of little things! :) These kids were meant to be in my life, they make my heart smile!
After the party I went and did some more shopping with some of my co-workers! I only purchased some earings from F21, but spending time with these silly and fun girls was a blast!

When I got home, FB and I met up to go get drinks! We went to our friend Rob's bar, and had a few.

Then we decided to head to Bentos to share some yummy food! I loved being able to talk to my bestie all by myself! Isn't she a beauty?We called it a early night, because the next day would be full of excitement!

SATURDAY was graduation! :) Becky and I got ready together (like old times) and headed to the ceremony together!

The kids did such a wonderful job! I loved the slide show, and cried like a baby the entire time! I was so honored that I was included in many of the slide show pictures! My parents hugged me over and over again! It was so exciting to see them! They were just as much a blessing as their children!

After lots of pictures, my ex-coworkers and I headed out to Las Margaritas for some cheap drinks, and good food! The best part was catching up with all my old friends! I felt like I was back to my old Floridian self!

When lunch was over FB, K, and I did MORE shopping! We went and picked out outfits for that night, and then they dropped me off at my apartment so I could meet up with BD.

BD and I had planned to hit up the pool, but instead had a serious conversation that was very much needed. My trip with him was hard. He is very nice, and sweet, but it's still hard being around him. I still (sort of) love this guy! BUT I know he has a girlfriend (which is the hardest part) so we have been platonic, and still had a lot of fun.After our serious talk, we got dressed up, and decided to head out on the town. (notice I am wearing the same top as my Fridays pictures? I bought a dress for Saturday night, but once I got it home, decided I didn't love it. Since I paid almost 80 dollars for it, I decided not to wear it.. but then I didn't have anything to wear! I had to recycle the top I only wore for a few hours!) We ended up meeting up with some of my good guy friends, and one of their girlfriends! We had quite a few drinks, and more friends stopped by! It was a great night! I was so excited that BD got along with my friends so well! Everyone loved him, and we shared LOTS of drinks and laughter! It was a PERFECT Saturday night!



He & Me + 3 said...

Wow girly...when did you sleep? YOu were so busy. But lots of fun, friends, busy. Good for you.

Shelley said...

I took a look at a bunch of the pictures on your facebook yesterday. You kid is so freakin cute! And it looks like you had tons of fun!

molly said...

your posts make me so happy!!! it must be tough to have spent that much time with BD, but I'm glad you didn't let it get you down too much!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love all the photos...looks like an amazing vacation for you all.
I bet those little kids were squealing with delight to see YOU!!!

Unknown said...

Aidyn (FORGIVE SPELLING if wrong) has BD's mouth to a T!!! I would love nothing more then for you three to work it out, but somethings may not be meant to be. You all make for such a cute family. Its so awesome you all get along for the sack of that little guy. You looked like you had a blast, that is the best best part. Hugs, Jenn