Friday, April 23, 2010

A week in the life of moi.....

I'm making a list... because well its the easiest way to share with you what is my life this week.

1. My desktop computer (which holds all my blog material) and is the most reliable got a virus the other night. I can't access my Internet, or any of my files. THUS why Fitness Friday and Spotlight Thursday were canceled this week!

2. My laptop started acting up. Although its gotten (sorta) better in the last day.. The Internet still restarts itself at random times. (Like when I'm leaving a comment or starting a blog post.. lets see if I even make it through posting this one!)

3. We have spent lots of time outside this week. Lots of bike rides, walks, relays in the back yard, picnics in the park, etc... We are really enjoying our time as a family!

4. After coming home from a day with my mom, I received two of the three packages I was waiting for from eBay! What makes you more excited then that?

5. I ordered 2 pairs of jeans from one user. They were both advertised as Gap denim. I am a huge fan, and all my jeans I have spent nearly 70 dollars on. Now that I am on more of a budget, I thought eBay would be a way of getting what I want for a cheaper price.... well you know what they say.... YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

6. Only one pair of jeans was from the GAP and it was HORRIBLE! The fade and style was very different from what I expected. Very mmmmm TEN years ago! *sigh*

7. The other pair was from old navy. Usually I am not a huge fan of their jeans.. BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pair! The fit is perfect, the length is great, and the style and fade are right on! :) They might have lied in the description, but this is one pair I will wear ALL the time. The other pair will be painting jeans! :)

8. The other package? I got PATCHES. Jean material patches! I looked for these for the past few years.. I wasn't able to find them ANYWHERE! I found them for $5 on eBay, and it saved 2 pairs of jeans. One of my jeans had a rip on the side around my hip. A friend of mine one night, yanked me by the belt loop and it ripped a big hole. I loved the jeans, but couldn't wear them unless I wanted everyone to know what color underwear I was wearing! Now they are PERFECT! You cant even tell! YAY! I did not want to give these two pairs up! (You know those favorite jeans you have? The ones that fit perfect and look great... ya those are the ones!)

9. I have still been working out every day. Level 2 is getting manageable to easy. Well.. okay lets not go that far... More or less I can do it without dieing. I still sweat, but when I am done I feel great! THANK YOU JILLIAN!

10. 2 weeks without soda! I told a few of my old co-workers and they flipped! Coming from a 3 cans of soda (minimum) a day girl this was BIG news! I am SO proud of myself!

11. My diet is still good, but I have started to relax a little bit. I eat *good* carbs, and indulge once and a while. I think it'll keep me from quiting all together :) I still feel great!

12. I can see small changes already. I don't know if anyone else can, but I feel great! :)

13. Aidyn man has been a ticking time bomb. Sometimes he's an angel, and sometimes he throws tantrums over nothing. Its tough to tell what kind of mood he's in. The other night he cried and screamed because we cut up his hamburger... he wanted it whole. Then the next day he cried because I didn't cut his pb&j in half! UGH TERRIBLE THREES!

14. I am heading to BD's for the weekend with Aidyn man. I think we are all looking forward to it. We have all sorts of activities planned. We are going fishing, helping in the garden, going to a movie, and letting Aidyn drive his Gator! Aidyn is bouncing off the walls excited (and so is BD!)!

15. Its a four hour drive, but we'll be breaking up half way... I am getting dinner with my lovely cousin Jaclyn. Its been a few weeks since we seen each other and I am totally psyched to see her! I think we might even do some Target therapy together! I need a fix!

16. I am bringing my computer! Since Aidyn will have BD to watch him, I plan on laying in the hammock and reading, and blogging lots this weekend! :) ahhh a break!

Happy Friday ya'll!


He & Me + 3 said...

Sorry about all the computer issues. I hate those. Good job on the diet and working out. I am on day two of the shread. Hurting for sure...I have gone through it before so I knew what to expect. I don't mind level two so much. Some parts of level three I hate but others I love. It is a great workout for the time!
Have a fun weekend.

alliehallmarr said...

You are one busy lady! Sorry about the virus...those are so frustrating. You should try to download AVG free virus software and then run it to pick up and (hopefully) fix the problems. Have fun at BD's!!!

Tylaine said...

Don't you just love getting packages in the mail. Recently I went through a phase where I was ordering all these little Care Bear things for the kids and I always got excited even though I knew what was in the pkg....ya I'm a dork like that! :)
Yay for you on the working out and dropping soda!!
Ya whoever said terrible twos needs to get in the twentieth's the terrible three's!!!
Have a great weekend..Sounds fun!!

molly said...

you are so brave buying jeans on ebay! i could never get over the anxiety of what if these don't fit PERFECTLY. ahhh.

and hammocks. how nice. enjoy!!

AiringMyLaundry said...

I cry when my computer acts up.

And as for eBay. Ugh. You never know. I've mainly had good experiences but once I got Natalie a dress and it had FOOD caked on it. I nearly gagged.

Annie said...

my goodness lady, you are a busy bee!!
great job on working out and sticking with eating better and not having pop!! you rock hun! :)
i hope you had a great weekend even though the weather was no fun!

have a good day!