Monday, March 8, 2010


"Who's there?"


I know.. I know.. its only been a few weeks since I seen him. (in FL) BUT I am so happy that he is here to visit. He is on spring break for the next ten days, and he is staying with us, the entire time!

We always have so much fun together. Last night my older brother came over as well, and we all just hung out, ate some fish tacos, and talked. Those boys can make me laugh so much! I love that I have such a close and wonderful family!

Aidyn and his cousins are in heaven right now with their uncle JJ here to visit! They are constantly chasing him, being chased, playing in the snow, or just sitting on his lap! He is a great uncle, and an even better brother!

Love you Jay!

:) These pictures make me smile, and my heart feel warm! God has blessed my life!


Blogs said...

I'm glad you have time to spend with him. Looks like an amazing moment! ;)

Unknown said...

That is awesome! nothing better then an uncle or uncles to look up too. Even better is that you are close to your brothers, love the bottom pic. ENJOY!!!!

Hope Chella said...

Thanks and You're Welcome :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

How nice. I love that your family is so is sweet.
Lucky lil' Aidyn man!!!